10 Creative Ways to Express Words Love

Express word love – Does your partner know if you really are
Love him? Because maybe all this time you just express love to your beloved with 3 words that too often you say. The 3 words are “I Love You”.


It could be that your beloved thinks the words you’ve been saying just nonsense. Because you are less creative in expressing your feelings to the idol of the heart. So your great love is only considered the wind then.

So now do you still feel confident that he knows how much you love. If you are in doubt, because you have not been creative in expressing your feelings. You should try 10 ways to say “I love you” to be more creative that you might never have done before.


Revealing “I Love You” to those who matter most to your life more creatively. Will make the idol of the heart, feel sure how much love you to him. Although most of the “love gifts” are free of charge, except time, effort is also a bit of a minor thought. But sometimes it makes it a little bit difficult.

For that, we’ll share 10 creative ways of expressing the word love to your partner. Here are 10 ways, which you can try one or more.

1. Write a Special Note

This note should be placed in a prominent place, which is easily seen by your partner. You can put special notes that you have created on the car dashboard, or in a pantry where cereals are stored. You can also put it on the sofa where when he sits down to watch TV, can easily see it.

These notes can contain wonderful moments with her, or any posts about the things you love about her. To be sure, when he reads it will know how much he became a special person to you.

2. Write a Treasure Map

You can also express love by making a treasure map using a heart symbol to show your partner the way to your heart. In every heart, you can write three to five words of love for her. For example: You make me feel loved, you’re the best, you’re always in my heart, you queen my heart and so forth.

3. Write The Reasons Why You Loved It

Write down your reasons why you love them. Then you send the note on the card to the person you love every week. Example: I love the way you take care of me and the kids, I feel happy when you brew coffee every morning, you always greet my morning with a smile, that’s what makes me really love you, and so on.

4. Writing Coupon Books

You can write coupon book for your partner. These coupons can be exchanged at any time, without worry of expiration. This will show your partner, that your love is not like instant noodles, which is finished when eaten and expired when left unchecked.

5. Writing Special Rhymes

This word describes you and your lover. The word is for you to say to your lover or your spouse. For example: Night can switch noon, so afternoon can change night. However, you will never be replaced in my heart, and similar words.

6. Get used to say the word Love

Get Familiarize Express Love
Some people love to hear the words: I love you. For that, you should get used to saying the word “I Love You” to your partner at least once per day. This will reaffirm the love and intimacy in the relationship you’ve built with him all along. You need to know, that love is not like food. Your partner will feel bored if you continue to be given the food-that’s all, but not with words of love. Instead your partner will feel there is less if you do not pronounce it.

7. Whisper Sweet Phrases

In addition to writing a special word that describes you with it. You can also express love to your partner by whispering a sweet word (phrase) to him. Example: You really changed me, I became the luckiest person in the world, because I got your love.

8. Spend Time once a Week

Not just get used to express the word love every day. You should also take time once a week for chatting with your lover. Things to tell you how they are so special to you. When hanging out with him, improve your appearance. Also change the habits your beloved does not like, do not smoke for example. Thus your idol will feel worth more than you.

9. Reveal the Special Thing for him

Tell your partner what is most special about their personality. So it really makes them special for you. Examples: a sense of humor, care and affection shown for you and for others.

10. Nostalgia

Talk about the special memories that are so special between you two. This will revive the taste when you both can share. Remembering beautiful moments together, will also enhance your partner’s trust in you. Because they think you’re so sincere about it, so it’s hard to forget the good times with him.

Well, there are many creative ways to express a love for your partner. If you want to express your love to the couple with more creative. Try doing one or more of the ten ways we described above. Hope to be entertained!


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  1. Cinta memang rumit, tapi jika sudah mengetahui perasaan pasangan semuanya serba mudah.

    Dan biasanya nih, kalau kaum hawa itu suka main kode-kodean untuk memahami perasaan hatinya.

    Sudah segitu saja dulu ya, kalau terlalu banyak nanti bisa kebongkar deh…!! 😂

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