10 Questions Better Of What You Think

10 Questions Better Of What You Think

Life can be a roller coaster of a life of adventure we could even bring us to the level of emotional. Also it is easy to fall into the trap of agonizing over things beyond our control. As an example, some unexpected bills and other adverse circumstances has added stress in our lives, so we’re feeling guilty “Why should I?”


But the reality of the situation: stress over things beyond our control will not make our problems go away or be resolved, it will make the problems we face will get worse if we keep blaming yourself.

What we must do is grateful for what we get at this time, the more we realize that we must be thankful, because with gratitude all that we face in this life will seem fine. And instill optimism in us. How can we do attitude optimistic and grateful? Well, here are 10 questions we must ask ourselves.

1. Are we reading this article?

If so, we have a valuable tool that we want. Unlimited power of the internet. We can learn about anything we want, connect with old friends, explore job opportunities and seek community support, and network with people all over the world.

2. Can we go outside without fear of death?

Car bombs and mass shootings are a regular event in several countries, so when we would be traveling must have confidence and optimism, when death will occur when we are traveling, we must be grateful.

3. Do we eat something today?

One in eight people in the world suffer from hunger, so thankful that we are not one of them.

4. Do we stress about what to do with life?

Good. That means we are ambitious and will not be satisfied with anything we have today. Channeling our nervous energy into positive action, due to the hustle consistently win.

5. Do we hate our jobs?

At least we have one of the many people who are currently unemployed. If we have an entrepreneurial dream and enough savings to support ourselves, we must be sure of unemployed people would love to trade places with us.

6. Is there a roof over our heads?

We do not know about them, but we will feel happy to be given a roof over our heads and not at risk of shivering during the rainy season.

7. Do recently we fail?

Failure is the most effective teachers to achieve success. Stop look at failure as a bad thing and see it as a learning opportunity. Improve yourself in some way every time we fail and finally, we will be so developed that the only remaining option is a success.

8. Do we get angry because our pets eat fish dishes, flower pots destroy us?

Before we answer that question, think how happy our pets has made us happy for many years, and ask ourselves. “Am I feeling for world trade?”

Scream it will not make us feel better, our pets will not understand what we are arguing about. Will we be able to prolonged stress.

9. Can we stand?

Movement should be an expression of joy and gratitude. We have limbs and body can work to take us wherever we wanted to go in this beautiful world. We should be grateful for being born perfect of the many people who were born deformed and had to sit in a wheelchair.

10. Are we now feel a little better about life?

If this article makes us grateful for the things we need. We will find and do better than we think.

That is, 10 questions that we must ask ourselves in order to live there is no burden of stress, because everything that happens in our lives depends on how we run it.


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