10 Signs You Must Move Work

10 Signs You Must Move Work

The average working hours of office employees is 8 to 9 hours. That is, every day, you spend a third of your life in the office. It’s useless if this time is spent with complaining and other things that make you unhappy. Maybe it’s time you resign and move to another company, or become an entrepreneur?

If you experience the following 10 things, sign you should indeed say goodbye to colleagues.

1. You hate Monday so much

Feeling sad when the weekend ended and Monday came back was a natural thing. But if you imagine going into the office, working, meeting the boss, meeting colleagues, and all that will happen Monday, then you feel fed up, scared, even stressed, meaning you do not want to be there. Maybe you just survive just for the sake of having a job? But why torture yourself and spend a third of your life in a place you hate, while many others enjoy their work?

2. You work not with your heart

The ideal job is when we do what we love. Not everyone is so lucky, but if you love your work, doing everyday activities in the office will not feel heavy. Even if your work is heavy, you can still have fun in the office. But if you start feeling compelled, or even hate, doing the work in the office, until you find excuses for not coming to the office, why continue?

3. Relationship with the boss is not good

The fierce boss was a regular. What to watch out for is if your relationship with the boss is worse than the boss’s relationship with your colleagues. It’s a bad sign if you have to solve your problem with the boss through your boss’s boss, or through the HR department.

4. Your ability is not considered

You are a graduate of management, but in this office you are only given the task of doing trivial things. Many times you ask for a promotion or be given more responsibility, but the request was never ignored. Do not waste your talent and potential for a company that does not appreciate it.

5. The future of your company is unclear

Your company is in debt, some departments are closed, a large number of employees are laid off, salary is not paid for two months. If the company is like a boat, you immediately save yourself before sinking.

6. Your principles and the company are not in line

You are a person who loves the environment, but you work in a company known to pollute the environment. Initially you may still be able to compromise, but if this keeps bothering you and even stresses you, look for another company that goes along with your principles.

7. Your salary is inadequate

Usually fresh graduate alias who just graduated from college and have zero experience still want to accept work with under-standard salary. But it should also be noted that in a year or two years there will be a raise. If your age is more than 27 years old and you are still underpaid, while the same job in other companies salary multiply, it’s time you look for another opportunity. Of course this applies if your request for a raise is never ignored.

8. You don’t like your colleagues

Heavy work will feel light and fun if done with the people you love. Even colleagues can be our reason to get excited to go to work on Monday. But if you do not have close friends in the office, or do not get along with them because they feel unsuitable, lunch alone, colleagues treat you badly, and you often get into a fight with colleagues, it’s time to say goodbye to them.

9. You eat a blind salary

What you do in the office is mostly browsing on the internet that is not related to work, then hanging out, then chatting with colleagues, and do nothing. Delicious indeed, because you still get paid even if you do not contribute. But this means you are “not considered” by the company. You are productive or not, the company does not care. In fact, you may not even enter the office no effect on the overall workflow company. Beware, you may be expelled from the company because it dissolves in the behavior of “eat blind salary” is.

10. You are still looking for job vacancies elsewhere

Nothing wrong to find out what opportunities and opportunities that are out there. But if most of your time is spent searching for jobs on the internet, or every time you meet your friends it always says, “No vacancies, in your office?”, That means you really want to get out of your company. Follow the conscience.

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