5 Benefits Pomegranate Red Mandatory You Go

Pomegranate red to one fruit that has many benefits. According to some sources, the fruit punica granatum Latin language is derived from the Iranian state. But now it has spread to many countries, including countries in South East Asia.


Even ancient Egyptian society tapped red pomegranate as an ingredient for the treatment and to maintain health. While in China there, this fruit became one of the symbols of abundance of sustenance for people in ancient China.

Pomegranate itself has numerous ingredients that are beneficial for human beings. So by taking it regularly in the form of fruit and processed (juice), you will get many benefits.

According to some sources, is believed red pomegranates contain vitamins A, B, C and also contains anti-microbial. In addition, the fruit also has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory commonly referred to as well as anti-aging.

With have a lot of content in it, it is definitely this fruit has many benefits. 5 of them will be peeled in this post. Here are five benefits.

1. Preventing cancer
Inside there is the content of red pomegranate fruit ellagitannis capable of preventing the growth of cancer cells. So that the fruit is very useful to prevent cancer. Because, in addition to ellagitannis, pomegranates still have a lot of other content.

A new research suggests that pomegranate able to prevent some types of cancer such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Especially if the red pomegranate fruit is consumed as a juice.

2. Lowering high blood pressure
Consuming pomegranates on a regular basis in the form of fruit and processed (juice, etc.) can lower high blood pressure. Potassium pretty much, can lower blood pressure for people with hypertension.

High blood to be one cause of deadly diseases such as heart attacks. So the fruit is also useful for reducing the risk of heart attack.

3. Prevents premature aging
Red pomegranate fruit is also believed could be used to prevent premature aging. This is because the pomegranate antioxidants. The content of cells capable of repairing damaged skin.

In addition, by consuming red pomegranate fruit regularly, can extend the life of fibroglas responsible for making collagen and elastin. Color and flexibility so that the skin can be maintained.

4. Can be used as an anti-inflammatory
The content of antioxidants in pomegranate red believed capable of acting as an anti inglamasi or it could be called an anti-inflammatory for the skin. In fact, in one study, pomegranate is also able to reduce the swelling associated with arthritis.

Basically, The punivalagin in red pomegranate fruit can reduce the inflammation. Inflammation or inflamasisendiri is one of the triggers of the various types of deadly disease.

5. Adding fertility and sexual function
Red pomegranate fruit is also believed capable of increasing fertility and sexual function. Consuming pomegranates can increase erectile function that is able to increase fertility. This is because red pomegranate fruit contains nitrate oxidant.

Similarly, 5 red pomegranate benefits for humans. So taking it regularly is the recommended because it has so many benefits, to five benefits over just a part of it. Also, some studies suggested to consume red pomegranate fruit in juice form.


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