5 Simple Tips For Choosing Your Child’s Education Insurance

As a parent, you naturally think of education for your child. Because education is very important for children, because it will determine its future direction.


One way to provide a good education is to prepare for her education insurance. Of course this is not easy to do.

Therefore, to assist you in choosing an insurance product for children proper education. Here is a brief overview of what steps should be done and tips to do so.

1. Make a Plan for Your Children’s Education
Education plan for children is needed before deciding on insurance education. Therefore, this plan will assist you in finding the right insurance product education.

You may be confused the choice if you do not make plans in advance. Because so many companies offering lucrative insurance education.

Education plan consists of how high the level of your child’s education. The contents of course, children’s education from primary school to advanced.

2. Calculation of fees required
You should also do some research costs required for your child’s education. So you can set aside for it properly.

Generally plans education expenses consist of the cost of school (yearly and monthly), the purchase of books, school uniforms, stationery and additional education (tutoring outside of school). By creating a list of the costs involved, you will not be deceived in the choice of insurance products education.

Of course, the cost of education each year always have change. Therefore, you should be able to count properly. Typically, the cost of education increased between 5 to 15% annually.

3. Find Out Information About Insurance
Choosing an insurance product education for children is not easy. Because you need to know the track record of the company that manages the product.

Preferably after making plans for children’s education and calculate the required fees, you find out information on some of the company’s insurance education services providers. This information is important to make sure you choose the right insurance products.

Information you should know from the insurance company education is the company’s track record. You also need to consider the financial strength of companies such as assets, quality of labor, and a liability. To liabilities and assets can be seen in the consolidated balance sheet is presented to the public in a transparent manner.

In searching for information there are two ways that can be used directly and use the Internet. Whichever way you choose, it is advisable to get as much detail as possible.

4. Choosing Insurance Products Education Plan In accordance with the Education and Financial Capability
After finding out about some of the company’s insurance provider education. The next step to be taken is to choose some of the company in accordance with the financial capability and education plan.

It aims to filter out companies providing education insurance product. Because not all companies are suitable for your child’s education plan.

5. Find Out Facilities
The final step to get a good education insurance product is seeing additional facilities offered. Generally, in addition to guaranteeing education for children, there are other facilities offered such as health insurance.

Thus, you will gain a reliable company and got an additional facility in accordance with the financial capability and education plan for your child.

That steps and tips to find the right insurance product for children’s education. Keep in mind that education insurance is a type of long-term insurance, so do not rush to make a choice.


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