5 Simple Ways to Make Kids More Confident

Every parent, of course wants her child to have a high confidence. Unfortunately this is not an easy matter. You need to take practical steps that can make children more confident.


With high confidence, your child will have a bright future. Therefore, to create a sense of confidence in children, please do the following 5 ways.

1. Get together with family regularly

Children need a lot of moral support from their parents. By getting support from his parents morally, the child will feel someone loves him. One way to provide good moral support is to do family gathering activities on a regular basis. This activity will make children feel that they are loving.

As a parent, you can do these activities in the morning and evening. For the morning, try to always have breakfast together. Although not too many conversations, the event will encourage children more confidently indirectly.

Also, it is highly recommended to gather with family at night. Night is a good time for chatting or light conversation. When assembled, as a parent try to listen to what the child says.

If your child is silent, then “force” him to speak. You can ask around their activities throughout the day or other questions to provoke the child to speak. In addition, gathering together with family is also very good to build and keep the family happy. Thus, there are two benefits that you get at once.

2. Don’t Scare Your Child

Have you ever noticed when scaring your child to not do something you don’t want, could have a bad effect on her in the long run. This if done continuously can make your child a pessimist.

Thus, your child can have a lack of confidence. You certainly don’t want this to happen do you? Because, people who are not confident tend to be difficult to mingle, showing his ability and express opinions.

It will also have an unfavorable impact on his future. Pessimism and lack of confidence will make the child dare not show the ability possessed in the world of work, so that his career will be difficult to develop.

3. Teach Children for a Neat Look

Look neat tends to make people more confident. Therefore, there is no harm if you teach children to always look neat as early as possible.

If taught well, this will be a good habit until adulthood. Thus, your child will have a high confidence and dare to appear in front of many people.

Of course, the habit that was built since childhood this can make his career become more brilliant. Also, it will be clever in associating, making it easier to build networks. This will greatly help the child to gain a brilliant future.

4. Don’t Spoil the Child

No matter how much you love your child. You should not spoil it too much. Because this can make children become less independent and have the nature of dependence on parents.

This will certainly affect his confidence. It will be difficult to have the courage to get along with other people, because too dependent on the parents.

5. Make Communication as Possible

Everyone of course has its own busyness. As a parent, it is advisable to always take the time to communicate with your child. Make as many opportunities as possible, to train children to express their opinions.

Family gathering is one of the best times to communicate with your child. Thus, the child will have the confidence to convey what he wants to say.

Building confidence in children is not as easy as turning your palms. However, with endless effort, nothing is impossible. Therefore, if you want to foster confidence in children, try to do the ways above.


2 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Make Kids More Confident

  1. Letting kids to go around I think a good idea to grow their confidence. Making friends, get in trouble and then let them solve the problems theirself.

    Its kinda live a real life sooner. And thats good for kids.

  2. Thus the child will grow with confidence, because from an early age has been instilled confidence, and it's an important task as parents.

    Thanks for visit!

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