5 Things You Need For Your Picnic Much Perfect

Your Picnic Much More Perfect – Vacation is one of the many awaited days. Especially those who are in a busy life with work, most people are always waiting for a holiday to go on a picnic with their family. Because it is considered the best time to improve relationships between family members, as well as time to share and relax.


However, many people forget the preparation or always forget some small things like bringing snacks, drinks, etc. Therefore, thoughtful preparation is a good thing for a perfect picnic trip. Here are the things that need to be prepared before going on a picnic.

1. Wearing Suitable Clothes

Maybe you think that clothes are not a problem to wear while enjoying a picnic so you do not pay attention to this problem, but that’s the wrong thing. Why? A picnic is a time of rest, refreshment, and fun, so you have to choose the most comfortable outfit and can help you move more easily.

While wearing expensive clothes is not a good choice for you, because when you enjoy outside activities, your clothes can be dirty by some unexpected events, so you should be able to choose clothes that are easy to clean and even thrown away if too dirty. In addition, if you like wearing trousers and T-shirts it is the best idea for you. Because wearing trousers will help you move more easily and freely, sitting or walking will be more comfortable than wearing a dress.

2. Make a List of Anything Necessary to Carry

Make a list of the things necessary for picnic the most important step, because there are many small things for picnic equipment and of course your brain can not accommodate it. In addition, creating lists also helps you avoid the phrase “OMG, I forgot” and your picnic situation will be uncomfortable.

You can divide the list into 3 sections including types of food and vegetables, kitchen utensils and personal things. For food, you have to cook or process from home to save picnic time and reduce the amount of kitchen utensils such as gas stoves or pots that are brought. Do not forget to wash, peel, cut and store vegetables and fruits in additional boxes from home. When you arrive at the picnic, you just enjoy them without losing time to prepare again.

If you love the beach and want to visit the wild for a picnic with your family, remember to bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. You must bring insecticide if your picnic is a national park or forest. Be proactive to prepare a list of equipment and supplies that you need to take 1-2 days ahead to make sure you bring all the stuff you want for a picnic. You should avoid the preparation of the necessary things 1-2 hours before going to the picnic.

3. Bringing the Tablecloths

This is the most important thing when you are going to a picnic, but most people always forget it. Whether you choose a beach, park or anywhere for a picnic with your family. Tablecloths are one of the first things you should bring because tablecloths will help you have a clean place to eat and a seat instead of sitting on sand, soil or grass that can cause many unexpected problems like insect bites, and others.

4. Bringing a Tray

When going to a picnic area that does not have available tables and chairs, you should bring a tray to put food on. Usually, sitting on the ground can create an uneven surface, so this can make your drink or food can not be prepared properly.

Therefore, bringing plastic trays to put food and drinks will be better. The tray will also make the food more beautiful if you intend to take photos.

5. Readiness to Enjoy

The last thing you need to do is to enjoy the journey. You can bring magazines, novels, some funny things or interesting games to do with your family to make the best, memorable and relaxing time with family members.

You have to forget the stress or difficulty of things in your life, on the other hand you can enjoy 100% feeling during picnics. In addition, leave away from the phone, the tablet is the best idea. You have to remember that picnics are a time for family and outdoor activities.

Well, are you one of those people who love picnics? If the answer is yes, then do the things described above for your picnic is much more perfect and enjoy.


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  1. Kalau saya pribadi sering juga tertinggal beberapa benda penting saat liburan. Tapi saat ini semuanya bisa diatasi jika sebelumnya membuat daftar barang yang mau dibawa untuk piknik.

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