6 Benefits of Grapefruit Peel

Benefits of Grapefruit Peel

Believe it or not, under the skin of grapefruit is beneficial. This may be very unreasonable, but in fact it is, the grapefruit skin is just rubbish after being eaten in its contents. Apparently this pomelo skin 6 benefits.


In addition, grapefruit includes plants that are relatively resistant to disease and are able to adapt well to dry areas. Also grapefruit is one type of fruit that is quite popular among people around the world. Citrus fruits have similar contents such as oranges in general, only a much larger size than regular oranges. The size of grapefruit fruit can be as big as melon or watermelon with round shape.

6 benefits of grapefruit peel that you may not know.

1. Expel mosquitoes

Dry the peel of the grapefruit until dry, after dry fire in the middle, in this way can repel mosquitoes naturally and the mosquito did not dare close to us anymore.

2. Aromatherapy essential oils

Grapefruit peel, the green part is cut into small pieces, then boiled so that the orange flavor. Then lift the skin of the grapefruit, chill and will produce natural citrus essential oil, then can be used for aromatherapy neural pain.

3. To bathe

Pomelo grapefruit skin can be used for bathing, how to put the skin of grapefruit into a bathtub that contains warm water, then this bali orange peel use to rub our body, essential oil that comes out of orange peel when used bath, can prevent body pores Open, smooth the skin, relieve fatigue, relieve nerves, and will be easy to sleep at night.

4. Made health tea

If white grapefruit skin and green are separated, then cut into small pieces and then dried in the sun, can be used to make tea, and the effect can prevent ventilation.

5.Eliminate odor

Put the grapefruit peel into the microwave and heat it for about two minutes, which is able to remove the smell of oily dishes in the microwave. This grapefruit peel can also be placed in each corner of the refrigerator layer, to remove unpleasant odors on the refrigerator.

6. To wash dishes

Cut out a simple large grapefruit peel, then put on a bottle with a lid, soak it in water mixed with dishwashing soap, then cover and leave for seven days. After that, orange peel juice can be used to wash dishes, can even remove the oil on the kitchen furniture.

Well, after knowing the benefits of grapefruit peel, after eaten contents, the skin should not be thrown away. Because without us realize this grapefruit skin there are 6 benefits that we should try to use.


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