6 Easy Tips For a Child Spared From Addiction to Gadgets

Basically, gadgets created to provide convenience. However, if not used wisely can pose a danger to the wearer. For example using excessive gadget, especially for children. For children are advised not to use the gadget more than 2 hours a day. If more than that certainly have an effect that is not good for the health, also for child’s mental.


Therefore, as a parent you should prevent children from addiction to gadgets. Unfortunately it is not easy to do, what more if the child was already addicted to gadgets. But you need not worry, because there are ways to overcome this problem. Here’s how you can do. Try one by one slowly so the child can be separated from Gadget addiction.

1. Keep Gadgets At Specific Time
To avoid the child too comfortable using the gadget to lose track of time, we recommend you keep the gadget at any given time. So he did not play this gadget at that time. The time when children will nap or night is one time on purpose. You can specify any other time according to the circumstances and needs of each.

2. Give Time Limits for Kids to Play Gadgets
While playing gadget, the child will tend to lose track of time. This happens because the children feel the fun when playing this thing. Therefore, as a good parent, you should be able to take a stand.

Highly recommended to parents, both mothers and fathers provide a time limit for his playing gadget. Because if it is not given the time constraints, your child can spend too many time to play with this thing. Gadget excessive usage can be bad. A real world example, children may forget to eat and rarely socialize with friends his age.

3. Bring the Kids to Play Outside Home
In addition to storing and restrict children playing gadget. You can prevent children from addiction to this sophisticated object with him playing out of the house.

Because, when it is in closed places. Children will tend to be easily bored, and took it to linger plays Gadget. So that he can forget the time. Therefore, you should encourage children to bermai outdoors. Open atmosphere could make him forget playing gadget and enjoy the scenery there.

4. Bring the Kids to Play with Friends his age
When playing outside the house, you invite children to play with their peers. When engrossed in playing with his friends, the child will forget the toys gadgets. Therefore, take your child to play with her friends. Also recommended for bringing the children the same age as him, to be his new friend.

5. Give another flurry More Attractive
Not only activity outside the house and play with peers. You can also provide other activities of interest for him. So it makes it forget the flurry of gadgets.

6. Be an example
Kids tend to like to imitate what their parents do. To avoid your child play Gadget excessively, you should also do the same thing. By limiting the playing time Gadget. Your child will also follow the same thing, with the record you need to watch and remind.

Children tend to be more easily addicted to gadgets. Unfortunately this may adversely affect their development. Therefore, you should be able to prevent children from addiction to gadgets. And you can try the methods above.


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