6 Things to Avoid in order for Success to be Achieved

Successful sentence that I’ll language on this occasion. Often hear people complain that business, blogging, freelance writers, even dating often fail. But, if we are confident then the success we easily realize by way of confidence.


Actually being a successful person is a mental game, because it is one of skill and expertise. We can be the smartest, and talented, but if we don’t believe in ourselves and continue to complain of failure we can not reach the peak of success. Failure is one of the inevitable moments.

Everything lies in ourselves how we should do it. For example we have to get up early and go to work, but in our hearts and minds crossed words that don’t convince or doubt “Will I succeed?”

If we allow ourselves to use dubious words, discomfort, and lack of true faith in what we say, we will eventually lose faith. Therefore avoid the words that make us feel doubt, because everything is not impossible if we keep trying and doing it. Here are six words that we should avoid from the vocabulary we use when we do a job, if we want to succeed.

1. Could it be

This word is most often used to highlight something that might be a possibility. In an effort, we must be very confident in ourselves and the decisions we make. If we are not sure and say “Could it be” someone else will capture our doubts and uncertainties so that others don’t believe it. Not to mention how often this word is misused so that self-confidence will be lost.

2. Usually

In the business field, “Usually” is one of those words that express doubt about the situation or circumstances. This lack of definitive nature doubts self-confidence so that the outcome of the time opportunity will be ignored.

3. Should

This word is similar to “Maybe” and “Usually” the word “Should” also conveys a lack of confidence and self-assurance. To take the necessary time and preparation to make sure we execute perfectly.

4. Will not

Using this word is one of the quickest ways to put someone on the defensive. Instead of using a less personal word to decrease participation in activities, the word “will not” has a stubborn refusal.

5. Possibility

If we use the word “Possibility” in business or other work arrangements, we really do nothing more than make predictions. And it’s clear we do not believe in the results done by ourselves.

6. If Only

Nothing says that we live in this world is a dream, “If only” is a word that is often spoken. Here, we actively state that we have no control over what happens, and it gives the impression that we are just gripping empty hopes. Stop dreaming of things we can do with all the resources in the world, and not focus on making our dreams come true with our capabilities.

Well, that’s 6 words that we should avoid in order to make us again achieve our goals. Failure to make the stepping stone for success. No successful person does not fail, because the failure is learning to achieve success.


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