7 Benefits Olive Oil for the Health of the Human Body

Olive oil is known as a lot of oil for health benefits of the body, besides olive oil is also very suitable for the spice cooking, which is healthy. Most of the people in general, using olive oil as a mixture of salad, and one of the ingredients to make the cake.


In addition, olive oil also contains fat, vitamin E, vitamin K, and very little iron is able to prevent lower cholesterol and has additional benefits such as increasing blood clotting and regulating insulin. However, many still do not understand the benefits of olive oil.

A study also found other benefits of olive oil in between.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Inside the olive oil there is an antichope and polyphenol type, which helps protect cells from the threat of damage. Polyphenol compounds that contain anti-inflammatory properties. Scientists have done much research on the effects of this polyphenol, which includes both bone and digestive health. In addition, olive oil has the potential to increase brain function (cognitive) and memory.

2. Controlling blood pressure

Adding olive oil to your daily diet for more than 3 months, and continuing with regular care, can control your blood pressure. In some cases found, whether under low blood pressure or high blood pressure, this olive oil can actually lower the drug dose or eliminate it altogether. However, the record should not be done without doctor supervision.

3. Prevent cholesterol

Olive oil is included in the list of foods not saturated fat and can lower cholesterol, high cholesterol. However, in some studies showing other dietary oils such as sunflower and canola oil, enabling in a decrease in LDL levels and other cholesterol type cholesterol called apolipoprotein B.

4. Prevent cancer

From the study it was found that the influence for people who consume olive oil for this, lowers the risk of developing colorectal cancer. In addition, for women who love the use of olive oil, it is suspected to provide a decline against the risk of breast cancer

5. As a skin care

In winter the skin can get dry and scaly, using olive oil to moisturize, so the skin is fresh again. In addition you can use olive oil as a lip conditioner, to moisturize and soften cuticles around your nails, and can even be smeared onto the baby’s bottom to help relieve diaper rash.

6. Adds cake moisture

Olive oil containing vitamin E and dense moisture, olive oil not only makes cakes, cupcakes and muffins rich in vitamins and moist, also makes the cake last longer because it dries too quickly. Olive oil will also add extra nutrients to the cake, and can be used instead of butter to make the cake to lower calories.

7. As a wooden furniture paint

In addition, the above 6 benefits of olive oil, you can also use olive oil to polish wooden kitchen furniture, to avoid mold and premature damage. So that the kitchen furniture will still look clean and comfortable to use.

So a brief review of the benefits of olive oil. These are just a few of them, the olive oil is still a lot more useful in it. Therefore it is recommended that you always consume olive oil to keep your body healthy, and store olive oil for other purposes.


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