7 Powerful Tips for Becoming a Good and Smart Housewife

Being a housewife is not an easy thing to do. Because a lot of challenges that must be faced. From taking care of children, husband to take care of the house. Not surprisingly, many housewives who “fail” in doing their job well. Although the task seems easy to do, but in fact not as easy as seen.


Basically their job is to take care of the house, cook, wash clothes, educate children and take care of her husband. But not a few also from those who open a side business. If you want to be a good housewife and smart, so as to provide the best for the family. You can find the way in this post.

There are at least 7 ways you can do. Below is a brief explanation of the seven ways in question.

1. Do more reading activity
Reading is the best way to add knowledge and insight. The more you read, the more knowledge you will have. To be a smart homemaker, you should do more reading. You can read books, or read articles on the internet according to your interests and needs.

Thus the insight and knowledge will be more and more. This will certainly help you become a wife and housewife who is smart and good.

2. Writing
If reading makes you discover many new things. So writing is a surefire way to remember it. Because, by writing you will become more familiar, and easy to remember because it has been embedded in the brain well. If you forget, you can easily recall it. You just read the text you’ve ever made before.

To write it you can use a lot of media like books, Facebook notes, or blogs. It may be better if you write the knowledge gained on the blog, because it will be many people who read it. Of course your writing will have benefits for many people.

3. Finding Recipes to Make New Cuisine
Being a housewife must not be separated from cooking activities. Therefore, to get the delicious cuisine you should look for new recipes in making food.

If you are able to provide good food at home. So, your husband and child will reduce the purchase of food outside. Because, at home has been available a much better food. You can search for recipes in online or offline media such as magazines, books and more. Any media where you find new recipes, the most important is to apply them.

4. Learn to Manage Family Needs
As a housewife, you are also obliged to manage family needs. So learn to do this best. You can learn by reading related books, or searching on the internet. Regardless of how you choose, learning to manage your family needs is a must, if you want to be a good housewife and wife.

5. Learn to Save
The need of life is getting higher and higher. Therefore, for family finances are not too burdened. As a housewife, you should learn to save. How to distinguish between needs and desires. Usually we tend to spend more money to buy the things that are desirable even though it does not really matter.

Therefore, to save money, you should learn to distinguish wants and needs. Meet the need and refrain from purchasing items that are not too important, just out of desire.

6. Giving Science to Children
As a parent, you should be able to give a lot of knowledge to your child. Especially as a housewife, surely you have more time hanging out with them than your husband.

Then there is nothing bad if you teach the sciences it needs. Thus, the child will have extensive knowledge and you can become more intelligent. Because, as you teach, you also learn.

7. Embedding Good Habits to Children
It not only provides the necessary knowledge. But you are also obliged to instill good habits to the child. In addition to teaching it directly, you can instill good habits by being a real example for him. Usually children tend to follow the habits of their parents.

Being a good and smart housewife is a challenge for women. Therefore, do one by one the above ways on an ongoing basis.


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