A social life makes you happy

A social life makes you happy

Social life is a life that we need to live, but there are still many who have not been able to understand it or can live in a social way. Good. This time I will review a bit about this life. How can we live or adjust ourselves when we are in an environment different from what we think.


As you have heard or experienced by yourself, that each different environment must have different habits of life. And usually not all new people can understand it.

If you have ever traveled to an area that we do not recognize the first thing we must remember is water. Why should water? Because water can adjust its shape with the container that it occupies this philosophy of water can be the most important part in the history of our lives.

We can learn from water that easily adapts itself to all the places that it occupies. Water is so flexible we have to sample when we live in society, both in the old environment and in the new environment.

The second we must remember is the advice of parents both old advices and new advices, because it can be a good advice. As our ancestors once told us that “Where the earth is rested there the sky is upheld”. What of the readers have all heard of this advice?

The meaning of the saying is that when we set foot in the hemisphere every where try to keep always uphold the teachings of goodness and virtue that descends from the sky.

Whether you still remember or not, because every advice from the ancestors who came from Java island teaches about the philosophy of life. And when you are in any hemisphere, remember the tips from him that always brighten you, though only through a word.

From both points that we can already conclude that social life is very necessary, so we can know each other and connect the ropes of friendship even though we are different beliefs. But life will feel comfortable and peaceful if we can live harmoniously and share with fellow human beings.

So what if we already live in society then there is no balance taste?

Sometimes many cases occur like this. Perhaps most of us are still unaware of the importance of a relationship. Good relationships with self or family, friends, and neighbors.

The sense of a social relationship will vary greatly, and it all depends on how we value others. If we want to be appreciated then respect others. If we don’t want to be hurt then don’t hurt others, especially the heart area. Because the area of ​​the heart will be very difficult to be cured rather than beaten on the face or body.

Because social life is not just “say hello and face to face only.” Social life requires a bonding sense of being a strengthening relationship. Need a bond of taste that balances each other.

I think from the reviews that can lead us to always get along with anyone without favoritism. And the second is that we always do good and share with others. Do not stab each other (in front of good while behind scolding, jealousy, joy etc.) it is unfortunate if it happens. Because of yourself who will lose.


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