Balance in Relationships

Balance in relationships – Relationship romance; Who does not want to have a relationship, basically every creature wants it all, let alone human supernatural creatures also want to live in pairs.

There are some people who are afraid of a relationship (because they are too engrossed in themselves or can be said a single person), many of them who want a happy relationship they can understand each other and understand each other, especially when it is related long distance.

However, it is sometimes difficult to run. Why? Jealousy, suspicion, unnoticed always haunt the minds of those who are in love. Especially when there are different hobbies with her partner.

When we believe that the perfection of a relationship comes within ourselves, surely we must also keep it as good as possible. The perfect relationship is about balance. Ignoring any aspect is like rowing a boat so it is necessary to balance each other so that the boat does not shake and can go quietly to the destination dock.

Often heard, there is an argument in a relationship related to each other’s hobbies and eventually the relationship takes the breaking way. Actually these relationships and hobbies are two words that must be balanced in a relationship.

Talking romance is never ending, but talking love is also very fun is not it? A healthy relationship is if we have a partner who understands, trusts, supports and sits equally low, standing equally high.

That’s probably what we really want, but sometimes we do not agree if we have a contradictory hobby. And it’s not a constraint a relationship, if we can alone and can occupy where we will live for a relationship remains harmonious despite different hobbies.

The way is easy, but may be difficult to run, but if our heart there is embedded strong desire, God willing, difficult can be undertaken. Suppose our partner hobby blogging and our hobby facebook or smule (a positive hobby). Yes we must support it, we may try to blog, and vice versa our partner, so support each other.

While a hobby is a joy that can not be denied from ourselves, even a hobby able to beat love. Because we have a hobby of course the hobby is already integral in our lives, and we do not want to be curbed by anyone including our spouse. Conversely so with our partner of course. I have friends who have facebook hobby, and karaoke online, but he still supports his partner’s hobby so the lover’s heart is more enthusiasm with his hobby.

So ..! Balance the love and hobby so that we still get a harmonious and happy relationship. By mutually supporting each other. Thus romantic relationship remains romantic even more than romantic as the water tastes caffe latte, and sleeping on the mat feels soft and comfortable.

Well, for those of you who have disagreed relationships, start by trusting each other, supporting each other, throwing away ego yourself because every individual has the same desire that is loved and loving.

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