Benefits of Afternoon Sleep

Sleep is a simple activity, which relaxes the tense body muscles become loose again. Many napping activities have tried and done so. And it turns out many benefits gained from this activity.


Napping is usually done in different ways and different expressions of timing. There is a nap for 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and so forth. All depends on the level of body fatigue after activity.

The quality of the nap does not come from the length of time to sleep, but at the time of sleepy attack and then you fall asleep and when you wake the body feels fit again, although the sleep just a moment.
Napping is like a reboot mobile phone, through for a moment but useful to restore all the capabilities of mobile phones become available.

Here are some of the benefits of napping that is not necessarily known to everyone.

Benefits of Afternoon Sleep

1. Muscles Become Relaxed

Napping can actually make the muscles tense to relax again. Well try napping activities can run smoothly even if only 10 minutes.

2. Body Being Fit

As we know fitness is vital, let alone include physical and spiritual fitness. Before the fitness is gone, there is no harm in you taking a nap for a moment to restore fitness.

3. Body Resistance Become Strong

Surely you’ve experienced it, that the sensation of the body feels good when waking up from siesta. When you fall asleep for a moment, the body releases an antibody substance or immune system and releases it perfectly through the sweat that comes out of the pores of the skin.

4. Brain Capability to Be Increased

Although it can not be proven scientifically, but the average person who used to perform activities nap brain’s ability to respond more quickly than people who rarely take a nap.

5. More Ageless

For this one must make you shine to read it. Because people who do napping activities tend to be more relaxed than people who work all day without sleep. People who work without sleep, he is not aware of having forced the muscles to work the maximum, and the effect is to have a lot of wrinkles.

Before you ask for a nap, try to make sure whether the nap is good or vice versa. As long as it is good, keep the habit. If on the contrary, try not to continue.

Because the activities of this nap there are suitable and some are less suitable to take a nap. Know your body, recognize your habits and always keep your health, because it is an invaluable treasure.


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