Benefits of purple sweet potato for health, you need to know

Benefits of purple sweet potato for health

The efficacy of purple sweet potato is remarkable. Although this type of food seems rural, but the benefits it contains exceeds the modern food in urban areas, because the purple pigment in sweet potato is useful as an antioxidant.


Purple sweet potato can serve as an antidote because it can counteract toxins, oxidation in the body, and also inhibits blood clotting of the cells. Purple sweet potato is a source of carbohydrate and a source of high enough calories. In addition, sweet potatoes that taste sweet contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and Riboflavin.

While the minerals in purple sweet potatoes of which contain iron and calcium. Purple sweet potatoes that live in this mountainous area have very many benefits for people who consume them. Here are some very good benefits for health:

Benefits of Purple Sweet Potato for Health

1. Immune system

The purple sweet potato is very rich in beta carotene, the main antioxidant, as well as various other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, iron and also phosphorus. This makes purple sweet potatoes a great immune booster.

2. Inflammation

Although not included in the family of ordinary potatoes, purple yams also contain anti-inflammatory. Supported by the presence of beta carotene, vitamin C and magnesium, purple sweet potato is very effective in curing inflammation both internal and external.

3. Asthma

Purple sweet potatoes are also effective in overcoming a clogged nose, bronchitis and lungs. That will alleviate asthma. This is due to the distinctive aroma possessed by the purple sweet potato.

4. Bronchitis

The content of vitamin C, iron and other nutrients help cure bronchitis. Purple sweet potatoes are also believed to warm the body (probably because of the sweetness and other nutrients). This content also serves to cure bronchitis, regardless of other content that can ease the congestion.

5. Arthritis

Beta carotene, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex make purple sweet potatoes as the right choice for dealing with arthritis. Purple sweet potato water can be applied to the joints to relieve the pain of arthritis.

6. Digestion

In addition to the delicious taste, fiber content in purple sweet potatoes is also higher than the type of sweet potatoes in general. If these two factors are combined with other minerals such as magnesium contained purple sweet potato, then this one food is the right choice to aid digestion. In addition, this sweet potato is also easy to digest and good for the stomach and small intestine.

7. Cancer

The content of beta carotene, antioxidants and anti-carcinogen main, which is the cause of color on purple sweet potato skin and vitamin C, is very important to cure various types of cancer. Especially colon cancer, small intestine, prostate, kidney and cancer in organs and others.

8. Balance

The fiber in purple sweet potato will help hold water. This will maintain fluid balance in the body.

9. Stomach Inflammation

Purple sweet potatoes have a comfortable effect on the stomach and small intestine. Vitamin B complex and vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and calcium are very effective to relieve stomach ulcers. In addition, the fiber contained in this yam can prevent the accumulation of acid, because it will reduce the possibility of gastric inflammation. Anti-inflammatory and soothing content of the sweet potatoes can also reduce the pain and inflammation of the stomach.

10. Diabetes

People with diabetes are often called on to avoid sweet foods. This does not apply to this sweet potato. This one food is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels by helping the secretion and function of insulin. However, it does not mean that people with diabetes can eat these yams without rules. However, they can replace their rice or carbohydrate intake with this sweet potato.

This sweet potato can also add to your weight, if you consume it regularly. It is very easy to understand. Sweet purple sweet taste and contains complex carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals that are easily digested. Therefore, this sweet potato is a source of energy and effective for building muscles. For those of you who are not confident because the bones protrude to the surface of the skin, try to consume this super food. This method does not produce any side effects so it is safer than taking muscle builder supplements.

Those are some of the benefits of purple sweet potato that you might try. Maintaining health is important, and you can start with just consuming a sweet potato.


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