Building Resilience to Survive

Building Resilience to Survive

Difficulties are a part of life. Often we feel like facing endless challenges and will not end happily. When we overcome a challenge, and other challenges occupy our heads without being properly controlled. There are some people I know can run stronger challenges, some also become weak and can no longer see hope.


Also from how many of them were made redundant from their work during the financial crisis. While people feel humiliated, lose confidence and therefore find it difficult to find a new job. Others analyze the situation, spend the time to identify its strength, see it as an opportunity.

This is not how many challenges we face that differentiate us, how we see the challenges.

1. Not just optimism. This is endurance

While optimism is a positive outlook that is defined as hopeful quality and emphasizes the parts of a good situation, or the belief that something good will happen, there is a difference in resilience.

While resilience is defined as the quality to be able to return quickly to the previous good state after the problem. In other words, it’s about moving from a difficult situation without simply emphasize the positive parts and blindly, believing that something good will happen. Instead, it’s about seeing both sides, good and bad, realizing the potential for situational problems and taking appropriate action while maintaining a life expectancy on an existing basis.

2. Strong people never think they really fail

The only failure is when one does nothing, does not try and just wallow in the unfairness of a situation. Failed 99 times, for a tough person, means learning 99 lessons and this is the so-called failure to contribute to the highest success.

Having a mindset that what is called failure is a setback and not a time for growth and diversion can be enough for us to give up. We have all experienced this and may have succumbed to a dream or a positive path as a result. But even though this failure can make us strong. Actually this is just a challenge that will lead us to the pinnacle of success that we all expect.

3. Failure is a lesson

Failure is a life-learning process. Successful people have been through repeated failures. Perhaps failure has become a daily food. So, never be afraid of the word fail and never fear also the word success.

From various kinds of failures we learn a lot about tips and tricks which steps are important or not. So, in fact there are many lessons that we have not realized from the event of the failure. And after reading this article hopefully you realize it sooner.

4. Challenge is encouragement

Many people see a challenge as a problem to be faced. Yet on the other side and point of view we can see and make a challenge as our encouragement to undergo various activities. Such as if there is a challenge then our brain will work to find a gap to solve the challenge, and this is good for brain development and endurance.

And I think the 4 principles above can represent and make you stronger again. Because the strong defense comes from within us. So, resolve whatever is the problem within you, so that will make your self-defense become stronger and always ready to face every challenge of life as something exciting.


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