Children are our successors

Children are a gift that God has given us. Having children is a joy for a family. Because the presence of children becomes a complement and perfects a family.

Taking care of children is not easy, it takes a lot of patience so that the child can follow what his parents teach. Taking care of the child is not just caring for and feeding him, but the child also needs sufficient affection, needs more attention so that the child is not get in bad information.

In the current era of openness, the role of parents is very important especially in terms of education and character formation of the child. So that the child is not wrong in understanding something that is not the time for him to understand. The current era of technology, may be a something threat to the child.

As a simple example, when the child holds a smartphone and opens the YouTube application, then the child will get any information without limitations, it could be that poor information will enter their minds.

This kind of thing rarely gets attention for his parents. Because usually they are busy working all day. Of course this kind of thing can make the child more addictive about opening YouTube than meeting his parents.

I have found cases like this many times, and on average those who live in urban areas do it. If this continues, it will be brought to our next generation. If this happens, and it’s too late, then guilt will always follow us.

Maybe all of you have a solution to the same and repeated cases, to all families whose lifestyles have been touched by new era of information disclosure. Or maybe you haven’t found this in your child.

Try to remember the purpose of having a child again, the child will certainly be your successor in the future, right? So, character formation starts from the parents first.

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