Consuming Dragon Fruits Regularly, Here’s The Benefits Retrieved For Your Body’s Health

Consuming Dragon Fruits Regularly

Dragon fruit that is familiar to us has a myth from the middle of the century. It is said that the story of a knight rescues a princess from a fire dragon and wins dragon fruit that is coveted from a magical tree. According to some studies the dragon fruit does contain some magical benefits that can make you feel like a beautiful princess or a knight who has a shiny face.

The dragon fruit grows and flourishes in the tropics and subtropics. As the name implies, the outer skin of a dragon resembling a cactus, resembling a pile of dragon scales. The color is green when young and then reddish shows that dragon fruit is full of nutrients, while red meat seen with black seeds provide many natural vitamins.

Dragon fruit that contains about 60 calories, and rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and phosphorus is widely consumed by many people. In addition dragon fruit also has benefits for the health of our bodies. Here among them.

The Benefits of Dragon Fruit

1. Lose Weight

For those of you who have tried various things in losing weight should begin to consume dragon fruit. One way to lose weight is to fill the stomach with foods rich in low-calorie fiber that does not make the stomach stretched. Dragon fruit has a high fiber content and contains lots of water that will make the digestion becomes smooth.

2. Relieve Cough and Asthma

Dragon fruit that has a very high amount of vitamin C, makes your immune system stronger so you can fight infections more easily. From respiratory disorders such as asthma and flu cough may be difficult and very disturbing your daily activities. Although this fruit is not a substitute for treatment, but it can help relieve cough and respiratory diseases.

3. Antioxidants

Antioxidant Benefits Antioxidant is to reduce free radical in our body, with the consumption of dragon fruit at least will help the process of detoxification or expenditure of toxins from the body through the liver, so that the body free from toxic radicals.

4. Prevent Cancer

dragon fruit is rich in antioxidant phytoalbumin which helps the formation of carcinogenic free radicals in the body. The fruit is also rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and B2, as well as that help remove toxins from metals of the body some of which can cause cancer

5. Boost the immune system

The most important benefit of dragon fruit is to boost the human immune system. The immense antioxidant content in this fruit will certainly boost the immune system.

6. Good For Bone and Blood

With calcium and iron content high enough, dragon fruit is also good for bones and blood. FAO considers dragon fruit is a fruit with high nutritional value because of its calcium content. A small fruit meets 1 percent of the daily value. Dragon fruit is a better source of iron by fulfilling 8 percent of daily value. In addition to helping bone health, calcium is necessary for proper muscle function and nerve transmission. Iron is needed to carry oxygen throughout the body. The contents of dragon fruit is very high vitamin C it is very helpful to increase the body’s ability to absorb more iron

7. Good for the Heart

The dragon fruit is known as “cleansing” parts of the human body so it can also help maintain cardiovascular health and those associated with other blood vessels.

Well, that’s 7 benefits of dragon fruit that I can share. And highly recommended to consume this one fruit. Hopefully it can be useful for all readers. Basically health number one then we must keep the body in order to stay fit throughout the day.

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