Controlling Self Emotions, Improving Emotional Intelligence

Maybe you have friends who look can always respond to something well, even in a moderate emotional condition. It could be that person is a person who has a high emotional intelligence. Makes him able to manage emotions well.
Generally, those who have the ability to control their emotions well. They are able to keep themselves calm, even in very irritating circumstances. Of course, it’s very good to keep the relationship in harmony with the people around.
Basically, to have emotional intelligence is to practice to stay calm in the face of any situation. Unfortunately, often our emotions soar when under stress. Actually this is something that can be said to be natural, because when we are depressed the nerves that regulate one’s emotions will be flooded by adrenaline, cortisol and other chemicals that prevent us to act rationally.
Thus, when in a depressed condition. We often do the wrong thing. So, to have emotional intelligence, we must learn to stay calm from the smallest thing. Until finally, we have a habit of staying calm, even while being provoked by others.
When in a stressful state, try taking the time to process the emotions and think about the negative impact if it goes wrong. So emotions will remain calm, and avoid doing self-harmful actions and in the end, it will become a habit.
This approach can prevent problems from getting bigger and conflicts between you and others. This will keep the relationship protected from unnecessary disputes. In addition, this is the best way to keep the relationship with the people around stay harmonious and avoid the divisions that harm ourselves.
By having a good emotional intelligence. You will become a human loved by many people. Because you can keep your emotions calm when there is conflict with them. So making the problem is not widespread and can be quickly resolved properly.
The knot, having the ability to control emotions well is necessary. Therefore, it is advisable to start learning to manage emotions correctly. So stay calm under any circumstances.


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