Disadvantages Sodium on the Body result in Impaired Health

Disadvantages Sodium on the Body result in Impaired Health

Sodium contained in the salt of the kitchen is an important element in the process of digestion of the body. Therefore, we must not be deprived of the Substance. Because if the shortage will cause various diseases.

Sodium or more familiar with sodium is one of the chemical compounds that has NA plating at atom 11 in the pyodic table. Sodium or sodium is needed by the human body, if the body lacks sodium it will have an unfavorable effect on health.

Sodium is an important compound in the body. If you are looking for a source of sodium or sodium then the answer is salt. In the salt there is sodium that plays an important role so you are encouraged not to overdo or lack of salt in your day.

Below I will give some of my summary about the lack of sodium substances in the body will cause various diseases, including:

Effects of Sodium Deficiency

1. Muscle Disorders

When the body has a lack of sodium it can trigger muscle disorders in certain parts of the body. Muscles will easily feel pain and tired quickly when used to move meskpiun not a heavy activity. In some conditions it is also usually characterized by frequent tingling and cramping. If you experience it you need to pay attention to your sodium intake so far.

2. Causing Early Dementia

If you do not want to get senile quickly then do not forget to note your salt consumption should not have a shortage. The nerves that are recalled in the brain can be disrupted and eventually can lead to premature senility in you.

3. Kidney Disorders

Sodium is one of the substances that help kidney performance and can you imagine what if the body suffers from lack of sodium? Certainly will make the performance of the kidneys slow down and this could affect the domino on the emergence of various other types of more serious diseases. These kidney disorders include a fairly serious illness so you should really pay attention to this condition.

4. Nerve Disorders

The impact of other sodium deficiency is that it can cause interference in the nerves of the body due to lack of one of the best minerals. In some cases it can even cause convulsions until the sufferer is unconscious. In such cases the patient needs special attention from the medical team because it has exceeded the normal limit.

5. Symptoms of Cramps

If you experience cramps it may be because you are short of salt and this will make the muscle disturbed and cause cramps and tingling.

6. Rapid Heartbeats

A rapid heartbeat is an abnormal or excessive heartbeat. If the body suffers from a deficiency of sodium or salt then it could potentially have a higher heart rate than a person whose sodium levels are well balanced.

7. Low Blood Pressure

If the body has excess salt or sodium can cause high blood pressure then any lack of salt can cause low blood pressure or hypotension. Low blood pressure can be seen if long standing rapidly experienced tingling and eye blazing. If you experience this it is best to do additional salt and water intake.

8. Shock

In extreme cases when the body has a shortage of salt can result in sudden shock to loss of consciousness or fainting. This happens when blood pressure drops drastically and suddenly so the body can not prepare its retaining naturally.

I think from these 8 summaries can be your reference material to stay vigilant not to the lack of sodium substances contained in the salt of the kitchen. And a little advice from me try before you eat, first taste a little salt kitchen.

Well, that’s the effect of the lack of sodium or salt on our body that I managed to summarize. So keep your body healthy to stay healthy and avoid dangerous diseases.

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