Domestic Violence: 4 Type Before You Go

In building a household, the possibility of violence will always be there. Therefore, although there occurs no harm if we prevent it. For preventing occurs a problem much easier than it would resolve.


One way that can be done is to determine the types of domestic violence and as a result received by the victim. To that end, here is a brief explanation of the four types of violence within a household.

1. Physical Violence
Not uncommon in a household physical violence. Generally, the perpetrators were men and women as victims. However, in some cases never was quite the opposite.

Physical violence causing physical pain to the victim. Judging from the shape, hardness is divided into two kinds of light and heavy.

This mild physical violence such as slapping, hair pulling and some actions that caused only minor injuries. Still, this can lead to problems in the household.

In contrast to the mild physical violence, severe physical abuse such as kicking, and other heavy persecution. Even in some cases, be included in the category of attempted murder.

As for the consequences thereof fainting, severe injuries to physical, losing one physical organs and other serious injuries. It also could endanger someone’s life.

2. Economic Violence
Domestic violence in the economy can lead to a material loss to the victim. The definition of material loss not only lose, or do not have the right. But there are still many other things.

Economic violence is also divided into two forms, light and heavy. Whatever its form, this violence can render the victim helpless economically.

As an example of a severe economic violence such as manipulation, exploitation, and forced the victim to exploitative work. While mild economic violence as malakukan measures to get the victim to feel dependent in economic terms to the perpetrators.

3. Sexual Violence
In a household is also common sexually abused. The shape of course is different for each person. But in essence, this category of violence makes victims feel humiliated.

Not only that, generally the victims will feel terrorized and controlled. This could have been caused by coercion exercised by the perpetrator to the victim, because the victim did not want to do it for certain reasons.

4. Violence Psychic
Basically, a psychic violence will make the victims suffered psychological disorders. As with any other domestic violence, psychological violence is also divided into two, heavy and light.

Heavy psychological violence such as arbitrary actions, manipulation, exploitation, degrading or insulting the victim. This can be in the form of prohibition, coercion and social isolation.

As for the consequences caused by heavy psychological violence such as trauma or depression, mental disorders, and others associated with emotional wounds are relatively heavy.

While mild psychological violence such as manipulation, exploitation and violence as more serious psychic. What distinguishes it is the impact. Generally, mild psychological violence makes victims feel fear and terrorized by the perpetrator.

Whatever type of domestic violence. Most who are victims of violence is the woman or wife. While the perpetrators were men or husbands.

However, not a few who are victims of violence are men. We could see a few cases that have occurred in the last few years.

In some cases, all kinds of random violence can happen in a marital relationship. Usually it will be preceded by psychological violence, and then continue towards physical violence and ends with the economic violence.

Violence in any form and in any type of action is not justified. Therefore, we are obliged to maintain harmony in the menage, so that violence does not occur.


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