Failure: Face With Gratitude

Failure: Face With Gratitude

Sometimes life is very difficult, but as difficult as anything we have to run with a sense of gratitude. Yes, be grateful for what we can today, tomorrow and so on. And we must never blame ourselves, because whatever it is, we are just human beings.


Sometimes in this life, we face a failure, failing in terms of our activities or efforts. Some people say failure is a delayed success. Perhaps we think the phrase is too old-fashioned. But this is a fact. Successful people must also once fall in the face of failure. They must have gone through so many failures before finally reaching the one point of success they dreamed of.

Therefore, if what we want has not been achieved at this time, then don’t let the frustration, disappointment and so forth reside in our hearts. Improve itself from any aspect, and keep trying, because without it all, then we will remain under without any progress for the future.

Improving yourself from difficult times is not easy, worry every time it comes to our minds. But that’s all we have to remain grateful to face it, because if not the fear of prolonged will interfere with our body health so we will continue to sink into the uncertainty.

Therefore, to be worried slowly disappear from us, then we must start it again. Determination and self-confidence, we cultivate in ourselves, so that we still get motivation, we will be easy to run it, and the worry is gone by itself.

In addition, we must have the determination to build to achieve the career we dream of, the many things we must strive for and sacrifice, this is what we must do. At first it felt heavy. For example salary mediocre, workload is very heavy, many days must be overtime. There is no time to relax or rest even play the phone did not have time. Physical and mental feel tired.

But all of that will shape our personal character to become a professional worker. We don’t have to be desperate at the bargain. In fact we can train ourselves to be more disciplined, organize the work time and activities of our day. From there we can interpret the meaning of hard work, until in the end we reach the peak of success. And we are not easy to underestimate other people when we have got success or high office.

Thus, failure should not be regretted but make the failure of a whip whip to keep going forward, until finally to the destination of success. However, it will all return to how each individual will take the path to success and failure will not happen again. We want to remain optimistic or pessimistic it is also all in the hands of us. The important thing is, life is not made difficult. Life is just once, so be happy though we have to face even tough times.

Well, for those of you who fail, don’t keep silent wailing, rise up and convince yourself, failure is the best teacher for our learning towards a successful future. And remain grateful for what we have, so failure no longer exists in our lives.


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