Forgiveness is The Path to Success

Forgiveness is the path to success

Often we get hurt or hurt others. But we realize that what we are doing is wrong, but apologizing seems very reluctant. Actually, forgiving is the path to success. Often hear questions like this “Is it by forgiving we can be successful ..?”


To answer the question above there are some understandings that must be peeled so that the word sorry and the word success can be connected.

Sorry is a word that looks easy to say but feels heavy in doing so. The word sorry for some people who have a short mindset or limited understanding will feel heavy to say. And this will give side effects to the person’s soul.

What are the side effects ..?

The side effect is that the word sorry is an open gate, if the word sorry is not given then it is the same we close the gate, and cause our souls to be covered by ourselves.

When our soul is closed then it will cause the mental burden. And this mental burden will continue to grow even will affect our outward life or our bodies.

What is the effect on the outward or our body ..? The effect is the outward or body we will feel pain in certain parts like in the head, for example: often headache, migraine, dizziness and others.

Is there anything else besides illness ..? Many, because the person whose soul is closed will cause a lot of burden of thought, which will result in life outward lazy thinking, lazy work, lazy endeavor that ultimately leads life in the world is not successful.

People whose souls are filled with the burden of the soul will also affect the life of his religion. For example, when worship like prayer can not concentrate, when prayer feels empty and her soul does not tremble any small. How worship and prayer will be accepted if we can not bring our souls to the Creator.

If we already understand the above article or see the facts in the community, whether we still want to deny ..!

So what is the solution for our souls are open and can be separated from the mental burden ..? If we want to get rid of the mental burden then start from now and say I forgive myself, then forgive the mistakes of those who have done wrong to us. Because the more we forgive the wider the gates of our souls will be open.

Then what traits if our souls have started to open, that is in our lives will happen a shift in properties such as: more positive, more patient, more calm and others. And a clearer character when praying all over his body will vibrate, in the head will feel throbbing and tears will come out unconsciously.

If our soul continues to be taught by a word of forgiveness and forgiveness, then our soul will return to its fitrah that is holy. And if our souls are pure then success will be easy to achieve in any case.

Okay, sorry from the author. Hopefully by releasing our souls to be a more successful man. Hopefully this short article will be a reflection of all readers.


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