Good Relationship Starts From Good Communication

In everyday life, both in the household and in social life, it is definitely necessary communication between one individual to another individual or group to establish a harmonious relationship.

Broadly speaking, communication is the delivery of an idea (idea), message, or provide (exchange) information among human beings. Communication is also a process in which a person gives each other an understanding.

Communication is the contact between humans, either orally or through writing and or other ways that can be understood by the communicant (the recipient of the message).

Good relationship starts from good communication.

Well, in married life, in a family relationship, in order to establish a good relationship needs to do a communication between all family members. Although sometimes some say ‘silence is gold’, but if we just silent when there is a problem, then the problem will not be solved without communication.

‘Silence is golden. But your voice is diamond ‘. Maybe silently, a problem will not be long. But if we just keep quiet when there is a problem in the family, then the problem will not be resolved, and that will surely continue to drag on forever. Therefore, there is a need for communication to solve all problems that occur.

It’s okay for us to pause to dampen the hot atmosphere. But we do not always have to be quiet. Communicate, discuss verbally with family, how to solve the problem that happened with good communication for family relationship remain harmoniously.

So what if they (our family members) are not talking or communicating with us?

Approach it, give it understanding, either by oral communication or by action, and / or understanding in writing with good words and if necessary do not prestige to apologize even though mistake is not on our side.

And with those of us who first apologize, maybe they will open their heart and be willing to re-communicate or discuss with us to solve the current problem.

If communication in the household is good, then family relations will be fine.

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