Great Ways to Overcome the Feeling of Lazy Writing

5 Great ways to overcome the feeling of lazy writing

As a blogger writing is a demands and a fun job if occupied. In addition, writing can also be a hobby as well as an additional source of money.


However, when you want to convey something sometimes find it difficult to convey through a writing. Writing with our imagination will be more fun, do not be embarrassed to write what we are thinking.

Because actually writing well comes from the persistence of learning to write. Without diligence in learning, we’ll not have the ability to write well.

But sometimes the feeling of lazy writing passes through our minds. If it’s lazy to write a paragraph for hours, even in the end did not write. This often happens, not one or two people who experience it.

Many people out there who are experiencing this include myself. Why? For lack of an inspiration. Therefore, if the sense of lazy writing should not be forced, but looking for refreshing for the mood to write back as before.

Refreshing can be done with various activities. 5 of which are the following.

1. Join A Group

Joining a group is one of the most effective breakthroughs. Why? Because we can joke momentarily with other group members to get rid of the boredom of writing. Today, many community groups are scattered on the internet, you can join in one of the groups you like.

2. Read the book

As you read the book, your attention focuses on the story being read and you can engage yourself in every fine detail that absorbs your level of focus and concentration. So it gives rise to self-confidence and able to restore the mood of writing you who had lost.

3. Blogwalking

Blogwalking is the best way to build relationships with other bloggers. In addition, you can get creative ideas while doing blogwalking, by paying attention to other bloggers commenting, reading articles with enthusiasm, so the insight increases and fosters inspiration to restore the mood of writing.

Also, blogwalking is one way to find visitors. Generally, the blog owner you commented on will visit back to your blog and other visitors also have a chance to visit your blog. Especially if your comment is interesting. With blogwalking then 2 advantages we get that is inspiration and visitors.

4. Eliminate Disorders

Turn off the phone and leave the internet, 3 to 4 hours. Begin cleaning the study, cleaning the living room, or a messy bedroom. Because a table or a messy room makes confusion. Create a quiet room and then we can focus on writing without any disorders.

5. Yoga

Maybe this sounds funny. But when we do yoga, the body and mind will calm down and relax. In a relaxed state of mind, the imaginative will be better. We can focus longer while in calm.

Sometimes I stay away from writing, do some yoga and breathing poses, then go back to writing in a more creative state.

It should be, when the mood of writing is down, don’t be forced. Instead you should do activities that can make the brain fresh again. 5 activities above some of which you can try.

Thus, our brains will be refreshed again. After that, just start to write again with better creativity. Therefore, writing is an activity that requires inspiration.


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