Have you Spend time for Your parents?

Spend time for your parents – Loneliness has become an epidemic. Have you ever thought that far from the old man makes our parents become lonely? Even affect his age. What parents are not lonely if their children are away from him, not even visiting or calling him.

Have you Spend time for Your parents?

Loneliness is a common source of distress, suffering, and impaired quality of life in the elderly. In addition, loneliness can significantly affect blood pressure, weaken the immune system and cause depression, heart attacks, and stroke.

Spending time visiting parents, chatting with them on the phone is a duty we must do. Why? Because this can contribute and the quality of aging so avoid the sense of loneliness. As Jama International Medicine suggests that elderly people are also more susceptible to various medical conditions at a higher level. It also turns out that loneliness is the key to the aging process and related death.

Chat with parents also benefits us. Parents have millions of wisdom and experience to share. The wise knowledge and advice we can get when chatting with parents is to change our habits and lifestyle. And every interaction should not involve deep intellectual conversation about how to save the world.

Ridiculous conversations, not just make you laugh, but this is as transformative and useful as more philosophical people. Share a funny story, or just let your parents share stories about their lives in the past.

Allowing your parents to hear voices and see your face from time to time will not only prevent loneliness but will help them live longer and you live better. For that, spending time with parents can help him live longer.

Have you called or chatted with your parents today?

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