Here are 6 Ways You Can Do to save on the Cost a Wedding Reception

Day after day, the cost to hold a wedding party is more expensive. It could be a burden to the bride’s finances. However, the burden on the men is certainly greater than the woman. Then needed a sniper strategy to reduce the cost as small as possible.


Thus, the cost for this impressive activity can be saved. So you as one party of this event is not too feel burdened by the cost of marriage which is increasingly expensive day.

If you are one of those who will hold a wedding reception event. Either as the groom, the woman or the person to be married. You do not have to worry about this. Because there are many ways that can be done so that the cost for the wedding that will be implemented can be less.

Here are 6 of the many ways you can run. These six ways are the easiest and the simplest. So that can be applied to the wedding that will be held.

1. Find the Right Time

The wedding is certainly not a surprise event. There is certainly preparation and deep talk from both sides. Therefore, when negotiating when the reception is held. Find the right time, in order to reduce the cost.

Generally the cost of marriage will increase sharply when the “wedding season” comes. This has become a natural thing, because the more demand the greater the cost will be.

So, the cost for the wedding party is not too high. There is nothing wrong if in the negotiations, find the right time (not on the wedding season). Thus, the groom and the bridegroom are not burdened by the bloated costs. Thus, the funds issued are relatively lower.

2. Renting a Clothes Better than Buying

You can save on the cost of wedding clothing by rent rather than buy it. So don’t hesitate to do this way. After all, the clothes are only used once only is not it?

In this way, the cost incurred for wedding dress can be saved up to 80%. Generally, the price for matrimonial clothes is much more expensive and that is required can be more than one set. So, renting clothes for brides is a pretty wise choice. Because it is more economical, and still impressive.

3. Print Invitation with Economical Price

Invitations become important in preparing for the wedding. There are some people who print invitations at very expensive prices.

In fact, the invitation print is only used once. Arriving to the party concerned, the invitation is no longer needed. Therefore, it is advisable to print the invitation at an economical price. Of course, with the design of the look is still as interesting.

4. Invite Relatives, Close Neighbors, And Friends Only

Usually when going to a wedding. We often invite strangers. In addition, they are likely to attend smaller reception events. To print the invitation also requires a fee that is not small.

There is nothing wrong if as an interested party in the event. You propose to invite only known people, such as relatives, friends, neighboring deans and others. Thus, the possibility of invited guests to come big enough. Also do not spend much money on printing invitations.

5. Choose a Simple Souvenir, Cheap, But Still Impressed

Souvernir is one important part of the wedding party. For that, need thought and concepts are mature, in order to produce an interesting impression.

However, to save money you should use a simple souvernir. However, the accessories must remain memorable for the guests.

Therefore, you and other interested parties should be able to create a simple yet memorable wedding concept. Thus, the marriage party will remain attractive and the funds spent can be suppressed.

6. Use the Outdoor Concept

Nowadays, indoor concept is common. So, nothing bad if the show is done using outdoor or outdoor concepts. However, you should pay attention to the situation and conditions. If not possible (eg rainy season) do not be forced, and choose the indoor concept (inside the building).

Simply put, the cost for a wedding reception event can be reduced as little as possible and activities continue as usual if you want to do the ways mentioned above. Thus, the wedding event remains memorable but with a relatively cheaper cost.


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  1. 6 cara diatas memang benar2 tepat sasaran..! Pernikahan memang butuh banyak pertimbangan dan cara yang bijak agar tidak terlalu menghamburkan uang. Jika ada cara yang lebih ekonomis kenapa harus bermewah-mewahan..!

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