Household You Become a Harmonious: Perform 10 This

Having a harmonious family has been a dream of all people, however, sometimes with family harmony is not as expected. Many things can be the cause, so that the harmony was never found. Family harmony was the most important and should be maintained, even if you are busy with your work.


Actually, it’s easy to build harmony if care about each other, support each other, and appreciate the family above all. With the support, it will be created a harmonious family. In addition, you have to learn the things you need to do to keep a harmonious family.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Together learn something
Learn a new things with the family will bring you closer and provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and productive. For example, you can attend cooking courses, introduction to school, learn how to dance, draw, knit with family. This will make you feel happy because they can learn while having fun with your loved ones.

2. Have fun and laugh
Have a good time with your family is priceless. There are so many things you can do together with family for fun. For example, occasionally playing board games, sing karaoke, watch a funny movie, telling each other, go bowling, play basketball, or enjoy many fun activities together with other family members.

3. Giving a surprise
A nice little surprise is a great habit of a happy family. Children can make their mom a cup of coffee from time to time. Parents can give children a surprise on them with an unexpected trip to go to a park, for example. Couples can do little things are nice to each other, such as cooking for a romantic dinner, write a love letter, or take home a favorite food for their mates in the evening.

4. Eat together
This does not necessarily mean all the time. Forcing everyone in the family to eat together, because most people are busy with work routines. If you can, have dinner with the family every night was very good. If not, you can do two or one week. Because eating together is a very pleasant thing, can chat while enjoying a meal.

5. Have some time for yourself
Spending time with your family it is important, but having time for yourself is also very important. Your husband can watch TV with the kids while you read a book in peace and quiet. Instead, your wife can accompany the children to learn, while you can watch a football game with calm. Enjoy time alone does not make you as a parent or spouse is bad. Everyone needs it. Understand and respect is the key to a happy family.

6. Mutual open
Discuss problems, achievements, concerns, fears, and hopes of this is very important in a family. Think of it as a rule to talk with your spouse and children about everything. This will make you all closer and more harmonious.

7. Have tradition
Create your own family tradition is a wonderful thing to do. For example, eat pancakes every Sunday morning, celebrate your birthday in a few special places, or bring a souvenir from every trip. One of the biggest family tradition is to celebrate a great holiday together, gather all the relatives and partying.

8. Say good things
Feeling appreciated is one of the most important things in the family happy. All family members have to say how much respect each other, unity is harmony happy family owned, how much you love each other, and how grateful for everything you do for your family. With words of appreciation can make a stronger family. Hugs and kisses are also a very good job for family harmony.

9. Traveling
Traveling with your family is a great habit to have. Seeing new things, visiting new places, going to the beach, shopping, this will make kedekat together. Try to go traveling at least once a year. If you could, occasional bepergi simple journey. Visiting relatives in the city, go to the lake that is close to your home every weekend, or go camping for a few days. This will create a happy family.

10. Love one another
It may sound unique, but the love of family also need to develop yourself. Learn how to be patient when you get warning from your family. For example, your husband does not allow you to cut hair, your wife does not want to watch a movie with you, or your parents forbid you to go out of the house at night. It’s because they love you, and you should be grateful to have them.

That’s 10 things you need to do to create a harmonious family. It’s hard to do all 10 things? You can try 3 or 4 in between the 10 points outlined above in order to keep your family harmony


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