How To Effectively Manage Emails

Email is one of the most used communication tools in business and other communications. It allows us to connect with each other whenever we want and gives us the ability to work together to share files or records from wherever we are.


Also, because it is fast and easy to use so email is very popular. Therefore, everyone prefers to send email while doing business. As a result, we have to deal with so many emails during the day.

If we do not manage email properly, we may feel overwhelmed. Thus, our productivity can drop. Also, in the messy inbox, we may miss important messages.

Therefore, we must be more organized and keep the message unread well. The trick is very easy to manage email to be more effective and increase your productivity.

1. Setting a Specific Time to Answer an Email

Setting aside some time to answer emails makes you more productive during the day. As an example; Every morning when you will start work, you can take half an hour to read and answer email. You can repeat this routine after lunch or in the afternoon to answer the emails you receive during the day.

2. Remove Unnecessary Emails

When you open your inbox, through unread messages, you try to delete spam or promotional emails. Don’t even need to open it. You should be able to identify from the subject line if the email requires action or not.

Another option is to unsubscribe from promotional emails so you never receive them again. You can work on this option in your spare time because finding the ‘unsubscribe’ button in promotional emails can sometimes be tricky.

3. Set Up Email Inbox with Folder

Creating folders is very important, so it can set up inbok email on your email folder or label according to certain tasks or deadlines will help you easily track email faster.

Then you can prioritize and sort emails that are in different folders. You can also set custom filters to directly send your email to the right folder after the email message arrives.

4. Reduce to Send Email

If you want to receive fewer emails, you should also send fewer emails. This is a very simple rule but works effectively. You do not need to send emails to everyone who works with you, if you only want answers from certain people.

If necessary, ‘cc’ others and do not enter their email address into the ‘To’ section. Try just placing an email address into the ‘To’ section or start your email with the name of the person you want to get the response back.

That’s how to effectively manage emails, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your incoming email contacts in times of work. Try to how to manage the email above, to be more productive your days.


2 thoughts on “How To Effectively Manage Emails

  1. So you give your regularly post on this blog rather than another one. Try to built this blog, dont you?
    How to effectively manage emails- One of the most bothering on manage it is to delete unnecessary emails. People send me junk mails much than important mails to me.

  2. Yes. I post on this blog regularly, because the blog is new and still needs to struggle.

    It is true that people prefer to send junk emails from important emails. I also often receive junk emails.

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