How to Eliminate Plaque and Coral Teeth

How to Eliminate Plaque and Coral Teeth

Your teeth are yellow because of the sticky plaque! Of course very annoying is not it! Especially when you want to meet business associates or girlfriends, your confidence must be declining.


Many factors that cause your teeth can become yellow like this. And one of them is because of the food we consume daily. The foods we eat must be diverse from starting with carbohydrates, fats, proteins, iron and vitamins, all of which must leave the rest between the teeth.

If we diligently clean the teeth would be good for dental health and gums. If we are less diligent to clean teeth then the teeth will turn yellow because overgrown with plaque or tartar.

If the plaque has been sticking long enough it will damage the quality of teeth, the teeth will easily fragile. And usually people who are not diligent to clean teeth, mouth will smell and can cause various diseases.

Then how should we keep the teeth healthy and clean. Surely must be diligent brushing after dinner and before bed. Then what if there is already plaque and coral attached. Is there a way to clean it up?

If you want to clean the coral teeth so as not to continue to stick to the teeth, consider the following tips :

Tips Removing Yellow Plaque On Teeth

1. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Diligently consume fruits and vegetables. In this way the tooth will always be honed. Teeth will come into contact with the fibers in the solid flesh, and of course the tooth will remain clear of the plaque.

2. Use Orange Peel

The orange peel we know has the benefit of clearing plaque on the teeth. Rub the inside of orange peel (which has white color) to the teeth. In order for maximum results, do this treatment at night before bed and choose fresh orange peel.

3. Salt And Lime

Next is a combination of salt and orange juice. Way, take a lemon that has been cooked and then squeeze and take water only. Mix the lime juice with a little salt and then rub the water into the tooth. Do it this way when going to bed nightly on a regular basis, and do not forget to help with brushing your teeth.

4. Go to Dentist

This one way is more practical and easy. It’s just that you have to spend enough money to clean the dental plaque. If you do not want complicated please come to the dentist.

There are many other ways to clean dental plaque. It’s just that the tips above are quite representative for us always keep the teeth clean. Because teeth are also part of the attraction of a smile. Smile will look beautiful and harmonious if the teeth are shown clean white.

Diligent cleaning teeth will make us free from various diseases, which we may not realize. Then any disease that can be caused by us rarely brushing teeth.

Disease Due To Not Brushing Teeth

1. Brittle Teeth

If you do not take care of the teeth then the teeth will easily fragile and destroyed. If left too long then the teeth will be released one by one.

2. Tooth ache

In addition to fragility you can also get toothache. Surely you do not want to not feel the toothache! You have to take care of your teeth before getting toothache

3. Bad breath

Besides toothache, you can also get bad breath disease. The smell of the mouth is caused by many factors and one of them is there is a tooth that is damaged or perforated.

4. Sprue

For this one can happen, because many bacteria that develop in our mouth. If we are not diligent to clean the teeth then we will have canker sores.

5. Sore throat

For this one needs special handling. Inflammation can also occur because we are dirty and do not diligently clean teeth. A lot of leftover food is still tucked into the teeth, and this can cause various harmful bacteria.

There are many more diseases that can be caused because we do not maintain dental health. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.


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