How to Find Out Someone Smart or Not, to be included in the Team

How to Find Out Someone Smart or Not

Having a team of course we also have to have members who can work in it, but confused whether the people we choose fit or not, become part of our team. While the team needs people who are productive in their work.

Sometimes we need to find out if someone is ideal enough, to be in a team. Then how can we know if someone is fit or not join the team without checking his academic, social, and career record. Here’s how you can use it.

1. They Keep Questioning

Generally people who can be invited to work well together are people who love to ask about what they do not understand. Until they really understand that. For that they will continue to ask, if not yet understand.

In addition, they are people willing to keep learning. As an adage “shy ask misguided in the street” and people who can work well on their team will not be ashamed to ask.

Also, people who ask a lot are smart people. Because, they will know about what was previously unknown. So their insights and knowledge become more by asking.

Smart people question everything unknown. If we answer using words that are incomprehensible, then they will ask for clarification. They ask you to explain to them until they really understand.

2. Ask Questions to See Their Abilities

The simplest way to assess one’s intelligence is to ask questions. So if you want to know if they are, smart enough to join the team. So you should ask them some questions.

The wise man will accept his guilt. And make the mistake as a life lesson. So if the question is asked, it can not be answered or, answer it incorrectly. Then they will admit it and make it as a student of his life.

Smart people know that mistakes are a part of life. Nothing is perfect and everyone must have made a mistake. Learning from these mistakes is a way to improve. Because they know, if a mistake is a process of life journey.

Knowing people are suitable or not to join a team is not easy. Try the 2 ways above to see how well the person joins the team.

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