How to Overcome Failure As a Freelancer

How to Overcome Failure As a Freelancer

The emergence of widespread internet connections and the desire for a flexible work style many people who previously worked as employees now start careers as freelancers, graphic designers, programmers, and so on. However, some people receive practical or psychological training when running their own business or want to live a successful individual as an entrepreneur.

When you start doing as an entrepreneur, you certainly need to make sure that you have a valuable skill, that you know how to find clients, and you know how to price your work. At the same time, running this business is just as much psychological as a practical challenge.
One of the key professional skills essential to everyone, but especially important for a freelancer, is knowing how to bounce back from failure. When you work with others, you can look to others for support. Not so when you work alone. This is why you need to anticipate setbacks and learn how to handle them by yourself.

Your reputation is important, which can lead to the prospect of failure especially the fear.

Failure is very difficult for a freelancer because your personal and professional reputation is more fragile and important than an average payroll employee. It is therefore important that you have a healthy attitude towards failure and be ready to overcome setbacks.

Here are some truths you need to face to push yourself to rise from failure!

1. Failure is inevitable.

Whether it’s a difficulty with your first website or an unfinished project deadline, you will fail at some stage. If you can not deal with this reality, consider whether the life of casual workers is really for you. You will make mistakes, you will take more than you can handle from time to time, and you will lose, the occasional day here and there fix your mistakes. But you must realize that you are ordinary people who certainly still many shortcomings.

2. You should not try to hide your failures.

There’s no need to tell everyone when you make a mistake, but you should always be honest with those who will be affected by your mistakes, whether it’s the client or the person who gave you the job. Honesty is the best policy. Lying is stress, and truth has a habit of coming out in the end. Furthermore, the client honors an honest freelancer and acknowledges his mistake. They will never honor liars.

3. Remember that a few months from now, you probably will not even remember a certain mistake.

When you experience failure, it can feel as though the world is over and that your career will end forever. This is especially possible if you are under a lot of stress or working on a very important project. However, it is important that you stay calm, stay honest with everyone involved, and remind yourself that in a few months, you may have forgotten all about your mistakes.

4. You must always learn from your mistakes.

While there is no point in being at fault you once every given crisis has passed, you should always try and learn from experience. How can you prevent the same error from happening again? Create a professional journal or log if possible. Many people say that “experience is the best teacher” is true.

5.It is important to congratulate yourself on doing the best you can.

Always celebrate your professional success, because they are just as important as your failure! When something goes wrong, remind yourself of two or three new successes. Maintain a balanced view of your career and projects.

The life of casual workers is not for everyone. It requires immense mental resilience and determination. However, it can also offer significant benefits in terms of income and lifestyle. Prepare yourself for the inevitable low point and you will be one step closer to a successful freelancer career.

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  1. Sometime when I fell down, I just want to lay there enjoying what I can get. It felt so good instead get up and try something that bring me failure again

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