How To Overcome Oily Facial Skin

How To Overcome Oily Facial Skin

Having oily facial skin can make yourself disappointed. Because the face is difficult to keep clean, otherwise it will feel not confident. If you experience it do not worry anymore, because there are many easy ways to overcome oily skin.

Facial mask can help remove oil on your facial skin, can make your face look and feel cleaner, but it is expensive if you use it regularly. To reduce your monthly expenses, you can create your own natural mask, which will keep you calm and save money, simply apply a mask of a safe material to the skin of your face.

How to Overcome Oily Facial Skin

1. Apple juice

Natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients, apple juice is the right choice for your skin, especially if you have acne and also oily skin.

Apple juice can be used on your skin; how to apply to your face, let dry and then rinse or wash your face. Do it twice a week.

You can also use it as a toner, or mix it with baking soda, which has the effect of exfoliating, to make a mask.

2. Bananas and honey

Other delightful banana fruits can be found in markets or supermarkets that will help your oily skin decrease.

You can sort the bananas and use them yourself as a mask. Bananas and honey are the best for oily skin, but all of this would be nice to give your skin a boost if done in one week once or twice.

The way a single banana is really cooked mixed with a spoon of honey then apply on face let dry and do wash your face. This material even you can freeze it for cooling effect on your skin if you want.

3. Egg whites

Using egg whites as a mask on your skin is a great idea because proteins in eggs help repair tissue for skin that has been damaged due to acne. It also hydrates and moisturizes and can help slow the aging process of the skin.

It’s easy enough to apply egg white on your face, if it is dry rinse or wash your face. Do it 2 times a week then you will get your facial skin clean and not greasy anymore.

That’s an easy way to deal with oily skin, hopefully can help you all. With a note you should regularly use it to avoid side effects caused by excessive use.

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