How to prevent chapped hair

How to prevent chapped hair

Cracked hair usually occurs because it is often exposed to sunlight. This is often the case for those who have considerable activity.

To overcome this case please treat your hair using mouzturizing conditioner, do it one to two times a week to prevent chapped hair.

If you can, avoid first using a hair dryer to dry your hair. Let hair dry naturally after washing. Because the use of hair dryer too often makes the hair can tend to break and break easily.

When finished shampooing, try using a hair moisturizer that matches the hair type. Do not use a moisturizer that does not fit the hair type when offered cheap moisturizing price. Get rid of the cheap shopping appetite and focus on the items that are needed.

For hair that feels dry and looks dull, can be cured with a mixture of vinegar (which serves to keep hair cuticles healthy) with sunflower oil (which serves to increase the hair moisture).

Step by steps :

• Mix vinegar with sun oil (with a ratio of 1: 3), and applied to the hair.

• Let stand for about 5 minutes.

• Rinse with shampoo until clean.

• Use a moisturizer the day after our hair feels dry.

• Apply conditioner to soften hair, such as mild gel without rinse.

• Then comb the hair and puree the edges using a round brush. A round brush works to create a softer and more organized wave of hair.

To keep your hair healthy, not dull, dry and problematic, can also provide vitamins to the hair and scalp. You can also use some vitamins, including:

1. Vitamin A
Make hair stronger, not fragile and keep the scalp free from drought that will eventually cause dandruff.

2. Vitamins B1 and B6
Useful to keep the hair roots remain strong and avoid hair loss.

3. Vitamin C
Want the hair to remain black, not fading the color, use vitamin C can regulate the pigment of each strand of hair and stimulate hair growth.

4. Vitamin B12
This one vitamin is useful as a nutritious substance for hair roots.

Hopefully these tips can be a solution for those who want to repair the hair because it is often damaged

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