Importance of Motivation in Achieving A Dream

The Importance of Motivation in Achieving A Dream

Start a new habit, with the purpose and determination to realize a dream. Who does not want to achieve what is desired. But sometimes the dream failed to achieve. This will certainly make you feel sick, disappointed, and ultimately lose motivation.

If we have a desire, for example want to create a blog with the aim to make additional money. So the first step we write with passion, and enthusiasm is high. Because the desire to quickly earn extra money has been integrated in our brain. However, after our desires don’t materialize then the frustration and the spirit was lost somewhere, writing was not done anymore.

Having the desire is natural, but we must remember that not all things can be obtained instantly. Because, there are processes and struggles that must be passed. Don’t let if the desire has not been achieved we stop trying. This is not true, the way we should take is to continually explore our abilities, to stay motivated.

Then how can we keep ourselves more motivated? Even if we think that we are not discipline?

If you want to stay motivated to achieve a goal. Then we need to feel the pain if the desire is not achieved. May sound confusing? But actually this is quite simple.

The pain is a powerful indicator that our behavior needs adjustment and our brains change to become more reactive. So when we try to escape from pain, the brain triggers a psychological process that aims to change the situation and avoid the source of pain. This activates the creative process and makes good decisions. Besides the pain has a role in motivation, on the contrary motivation also affects the perception of pain.

The pain caused by failure to achieve desire, is different from the pain we feel when doing a morning run or other sports. This pain can be easy for us to treat, then tomorrow can repeat the activity, the pain disappears and the body feels healthier.

Therefore, if we have the desire we must be able to adjust to the situation. Slowly but surely desire can be achieved. Keep in mind, all need a process, need hard work, and struggle. Nothing can be obtained instantly (in fact, instant noodles just need to process before we can eat). Thus we will remain motivated by what inspires with the goals of our desires.

If it fails, we’ll feel pain. But we must not surrender and must continue to maintain the spirit that is in the soul. Until success reaches desire.

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