Jealous and Envy, Is it the same?

Jealous and Envy, Is it the same?

Have you ever felt jealous? If friends or neighbors have advantages in everything. For example, a harmonious household relationship, a romantic couple of love, whereas you can not do it.


Jealousy is usually seen as a negative thing. This means you are immature in thinking, selfish, and not appreciating what you have. Worse yet, if jealousy you just see your lover commented on the status of Facebook opposite sex. This is a blind jealous not see where joking and serious.

Some people say jealousy is a sign of love (lovers). That may be true, but if excessive jealousy will get a bad impact. Why? Because our friends will stay away, don’t even trust us again. In addition, our lives will be full of stress and stress. Therefore control the sense of jealousy that is not in place. Mutual trust is the most fun and trust is the key to a happy relationship.

Then what about envy?

Envy that is envy of the success of others, they can buy a cool motorcycle, can take a vacation at the end of the month, can buy luxury clothes, and so on, while we can not do like what is done by them.

Envy of the success of others, this is actually also not very good. Because our rezexi already set them, they also work hard to get what they have. Therefore, be grateful for what we get and we have, it will be more fun.

But the good news, jealousy can make you realize what you want, if enviously naturally (not dropping others), because this will also act as a good motivator. In order to get what you want, you will work extra hard.

Whenever you want, don’t give up or stall time again, because envy encourages you to get back what you want. It’s like hanging a gift just out of your reach; Eventually you will achieve that, as long as you keep following the right rules.

Often, we forget about our past dreams. If you’ve ever felt a little jealous of the accomplishments of others, it can remind you of long forgotten desires. Because in fact that you still have feelings about it, and this is good to be an indicator that it’s time to review your dreams.

Think of it as a good opportunity to nostalgia and make that dream come true. In addition, jealousy teaches us on one or two things about ourselves.

Envy is one of the most common emotions out there. Meanwhile some people may see it as negative. Feeling jealous that means you are connected to the people around you and that you have strong emotional feelings about something.

It’s really natural to feel envious, so use that to your advantage when you can, and remember that everyone feels jealous at some point in order to develop yourself, not for the purpose of dropping others.

Despite it all how each individual to address or interpret jealousy and envy. Because everyone has different opinions. And another understanding according to the principle he has.


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