Keeping High Blood Pressure Stable

5 Ways to Keep High Blood Pressure Stable

High blood disease can be suffered by anyone, both men and women. High blood often occurs at the age of 30 years and above. At teens very rarely suffer from this disease.


High blood disease occurs can be caused by many factors and other factors, both external factors and factors from within. External factors can be caused by various types of foods and drinks that do not fit the body, so the body reacts.

While the factor from the inside can be due to genetic or heredity. Genetic factors can be inherited through the blood. Many do not fully know that genetic factors can inherit things. For example, if the mother or father has dental frailty disease then automatically there are some children who also have the fragility of teeth.

To keep high blood pressure stable always required a variety of activities that are positive. These positive activities are believed to keep your high blood pressure stable. Here are the positive activities:

Activity Keeping High Blood Pressure Stable

1. Sports

Apparently exercise is a vital activity to keep blood pressure stable. Besides sports also can keep the body stay fit throughout the day.

2. Keeping the Diet

A healthy diet is the main cause of blood pressure. Besides, also avoid foods that can trigger the incidence of high blood such as, goat satay, bersantan food and durian fruit.

3. Sleep Pattern

For this one activity should not be considered trivial, because if we lack of sleep will cause unstable blood pressure and eventually harm our own health.

4. Stop Thinking Hard

For those of you who are too racked up the work of the brain is also not good. Because the brain also needs to rest, avoid thinking too hard to keep your blood pressure stable.

5. Expand Laughing

For this one is very easy. You can watch funny movies like comedy or comedy. Because if you laugh more then anti-body substances will become active and protect all the organs of your body.

Sometimes we always think trivial to anything when our body condition is still healthy and fit, but when the disease comes as a test of life then it is only we realize that health is very very valuable. Although it is a little too late to realize it is a process of consciousness. There are people who are aware from the beginning there is also a realize after it all happened.

That’s some activities that can be a reference for those of you who are suffering from high blood pressure. Hope can be useful and keep you always happy.


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