Keeping Skin Fine Smooth

Keeping Skin Fine Smooth

Smooth leather becomes a dream for anyone, especially the women who really like skin care. Various kinds of beauty products are used to get a smooth and healthy skin. Of the many signs that your skin is healthy, clean and smooth skin can represent it all.


Many who think to get the skin smooth it should be diligent skin care, and some even through shortcuts such as skin surgery abroad. For those of you who so desperately want a smooth skin, may have thought that to smooth the skin must be through surgery or by taking certain drugs in order to speed up the process of smoothing the skin.

To get smooth and healthy skin is a lot of roads, not stuck in one way only. So, for those of you who want a smooth and healthy skin should follow a healthy lifestyle. What are some healthy lifestyles, like three of them:

3. Healthy Living Pattern

1. Eat good food

A good and healthy meal is definitely good for the body.This can make the body’s performance and the cells in the body work optimally.Substances absorbed by the body such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates become the factor of the creation of a balanced metabolism, which will create a balance also in skin forming cells.

2. Sports

Don’t think sport is not important. Exercise is very good for removing toxins in the body through the sweat that comes out of the pores of the skin. If the toxins can come out then the skin will be healthy and fresh.

3. Drinking mineral water

For this one should really be done so that the body does not lack fluid. Lack of fluid can make skin look dry and dull. So, you should meet the needs of body fluids.

Another way to smooth the skin is to consume some specific foods that do have the nutrients needed by the skin. Like the types of fruits that have been tested dilaboratorium. What fruits are able to make skin feel smoother? Here are 3 pieces that can make your skin smoother.

3 Fruits For Skin Health

1. Avocado

You must have a lot to know this one fruit. Avocado fruit contains vitamin E is useful to moisturize the skin. This green fleshy fruit has been shown to contain an excellent substance to maintain healthy skin.

2. Papaya

This simple fruit must often encounter both in the market and in the fruit kiosks. Papaya fruit is good for skin health, one of them in smoothing the skin. This can be seen from the many skin care products that utilize papaya as the main ingredient. The fruit that contains vitamin A is also in addition to the eye is also very good for skin health. And in the world of papaya fruit beauty has a lot of masks made or skin care soap.

3. Bengkoang

This one fruit you must have seen a lot. Fruit that has white meat is very good to maintain healthy skin. This one fruit contains lots of vitamin E is very good for skin health.

Those are some excellent patterns and foods to keep your skin healthy. May be useful for you who want to keep skin look healthy and smooth.


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