Living Life with Simplicity Makes You Happier

Living Life with Simplicity

Simple living becomes the choice of some people, because the choice of life depends on the choice of each individual respectively. Simple life I mean here is a very natural lifestyle as it is, even though we can buy whatever we want, but we prefer to use the money on more useful things again, rather than obey our unending desire .


Most of us are still confused to determine the direction of his life. Like tossed into the vast and unlimited ocean. Life is very confusing if we can not read its direction clearly. Every human person must have the standard of living he wants. It is definitely different on each individual itself. Most of them must choose to live comfortably as he wants.

“Then what should be done?”

The first thing is to determine the standard of living that you wants as a benchmark towards a better direction. Standards of life become the main basis of the lifestyle that we will live. Because if we are too extravagant then that will be our own loss.

There are certainly many obstacles and obstacles in setting the standard of life that we want, but as long as we stay and never give up all that must be passed. Through the various events and experiences that we experience would have been able to determine which one is suitable or not suitable.

So, feel and adjust your standard of living with your own choice. Don’t be swayed by the luxurious living standards and extravagant lifestyle of spending money. Live it all natural.

Then the second is to go through the process patiently. Most of us are impatient in living this process. There are so many people who fail to live, but there are also many who succeed in living.

Make the successful people experience as an encouragement, and not imitate like them. Stay on the standard you set. Success in life is not measured in terms of material and wealth. It’s just what the eye looks like. Real success is sometimes inversely proportional to what we see. Simple life is like.

“Flowing like water constantly moving according to the laws of nature”

So, a simple life is a life that is in accordance with what we are able to live and no compulsion, not affected by the varied lifestyle that is the current trend.

Hopefully this time writing can be an inspiration for all readers. Congratulations to choose and live life with their respective soul match.


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