Methods Proven Powerful, Overcoming Anger

3 Methods Proven Powerful, Overcoming Anger

We all know that anger sometimes can not be controlled. Regardless of control, no longer remember the impact of good and bad, so that anger controls us verbally or physically. What’s interesting is that most of us are sorry for what he does. Why? When the self is at the level of consciousness then regret arises from the heart, so expect to have more control when in anger.


Anger is legitimate, no one forbid, nothing requires, but as a person who has normal thinking then we need to restrain, control anger, so that something action when we are angry there is no regret. But most people can not help it. They see anger as a genetic defect that they must put together with negative consequences that must follow the expression of anger.

That’s totally wrong. Anger is not a genetic defect and we don’t have to put up with it. Anger can be managed, but not by just breathing deeply and saying “wow I can.” Don’t let us be overwhelmed by anger because actions beyond normal reason will be bad, as the saying goes “white cloth that is kept clean is ultimately tarnished by a speck of ink.”

I have a technique how to overcome anger and I will introduce to you, it can be used anytime and anywhere. It can also be used with people of all ages, the good news is that it really works. With this note it is not patronizing but just sharing.

Well, there are two ways: You can choose to vent your anger; Or you can use my method, below.

1. Calm down, the process of anger

While in a state of anger, try taking the time to process anger and think about the negative impact of not being wrong. So that anger will remain calm, and avoid doing self-defeating actions and in the end, it will become a habit.

This can prevent problems from getting bigger and conflicts between us and others. This will keep the relationship protected from unnecessary disputes. In addition, this is the best way to keep the relationship with the people around stay harmonious and avoid the divisions that harm ourselves.

2. Calm down, over coffee

Coffee is proven to contain high levels of caffeine. Adenosine in the body works as a cell that causes the desire to sleep against the brain. Caffeine in coffee affects cell performance and makes its movement slower. So it makes the feeling fresher though slow.

With the aroma of coffee then anger will be controlled, so we are able to withstand, control the words that are not good when anger crawls our brains, which will harm yourself and hurt the hearts of others. Therefore it is recommended to drink coffee when you are angry, after which you will get peace and can think well.

3. Calm down, while bathing

This may sound ridiculous, but it is very powerful to give the body a coolness when energy is brought to the top of anger. Water is an important compound in life.

The ultimate benefit of water is the elimination of thirst, it is inconceivable what would happen if we did not drink water? Of course there will be dehydration or lack of fluids that will cause the body to weaken. Likewise if our bodies are not flushed water or bathing the smell of sweat will sting the nose, so that our mind will continue to be controlled by anger.

With a shower then splashing water will make our bodies fresh, calm mind, and can control the circumstances, control anger, and can think clearly then take a decision.

That is my medote, a way to overcome anger so that self is not enslaved by anger that will harm yourself. Perhaps among readers some have another medote? Then what method do you use to control your anger? What do you find most effective? Please share in comment field.


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