Multitasking Not Working Well? Use This Way

Everyone wants to get more done in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, multitasking is limited to a number of small tasks. You can not do for urgent phone calls when you prepare reports just as important, because these two tasks require focus. Most people divert between two equally important tasks to get them both done at the same time, but that does not work very well.


Have you ever been stuck on a phone call, working on some emails, also when someone else asked, “what are you doing?” And you don’t hear their questions, because you are busy writing important emails.

The human brain can only focus on one important task at a time, and usually, functions like this take full advantage of our mental faculties. When we shift focus from one task to another, change can disrupt the mind and force our brains in different directions. It takes some time to set our brains back, and divert constant, this can happen and confuse after some time on the quality of our work.

This concept is similar to the focus of the camera lens. Even the best cameras and lenses in the gallery don’t focus immediately, if after they are moved from one position to another. If you keep switching from position to position repeatedly, you will end up sacrificing image quality. A more efficient strategy is to take all the pictures you need from one position before moving to the next position.

Likewise to get multitasking work well then we have to do simple strategy, effective result.

To focus completely on one task before moving on to the next task. Here are the things to do.

  • Make a list of six important tasks for tomorrow at the end of each working day.
  • Prioritize them based on their interests.
  • The next day, focus on the first task on the list.
  • Work until the first task finishes before moving on.
  • Complete all tasks in the list in the same way and repeat the process for the next day.

Six important task lists may sound simple, but can help you stay focused. You will feel the work done faster and also improve the quality of the job because you know what to do and be a priority. In addition, you become much more productive and avoid stress.

I’ve been implementing this strategy for the last few years, and have seen improvements in the outcome, I feel that what I do is more organized, more focused and completes the job just in time.

In addition, if you run this method, you seem to have a better Facebook account. This means more followers, so will have better friends, and will become more famous, as well as you will feel a truly amazing life.


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