Running a Business with Time Management Techniques

Running a business with time management techniques

Running a business can be difficult, it can also be said to be easy, if you can manage your time well. While you work on normal tasks that take up most of your day and time, have limited time to deal with what most people do in full time may not be able to do it.


But while you may think that you are busy with each job in the day. Why can’t you do? Because you waste a lot of time that can make your workers more productive.

A survey found that more than 60 percent of employees admitted to wasting at least an hour each day, and that was just the amount of time they knew. Even a dedicated worker can waste time in ways that will never be thought of.

Here are some tips for how you can spend your time more effectively and ensure that every second is used to build the side business you run. Never forget that time is money.

1. Too little better than too much

You should know that it is important to make a detailed work schedule, how you plan to spend your day and time. However, some people schedule their work by stating that they will focus on one specific task for an hour, then immediately perform another task for an hour and so on.

This is not a good thing to do. The problem is that if you end up getting the first task more than the prescribed time, then you will have less time with the second task schedule. You will be depressed to complete the first task quickly and rush to the second task when you have a limited time.

Instead, you place a period of “white noise” between your tasks. This buffer zone will give you more flexibility in your schedule and time to handle less important tasks.

2. Ignore Email and Phone

One of the less important tasks is the handling of e-mails and answering phone calls. How often are you in the workflow, by spending time receiving phone calls that you have to handle for 15 minutes? Distractions like this end up quitting work and making it harder to get back to work.

Unless you get really critical phone calls, have to answer when you work. During the “white noise” period you can take time to receive calls or answer important e-mails. But don’t let your phone and e-mail dictate when and how you work. Remember that successful people don’t even use e-mail at all at work.

3. Don’t multi-task

You may be a super-genius man who can handle five tasks at the same time and do them efficiently. In fact, multitasking can affect IQ when you feel like you’ve reached away with a bunch of small tasks even though you’ve done it.

So focus on one thing at a time, and don’t stop until the job is done. When the task is complete, then move on to the next task. If you only have time for some major tasks as you handle other tasks, that would be better than completing many unimportant tasks.

4. There’s something better than nothing

Sometimes you just really busy with other tasks and only half an hour of free time. You might think that it’s no use working on your side business with so little time.

But many strokes, albeit with a small ax, can fall even the hardest oak. This is one of the keys to generating residual income in small time periods adding up to several months and years.

Basically, you can take care of relatively unimportant tasks during those times to make sure that you can handle bigger tasks when you have time. You never thought that when time is so small you can not do something to help your sideline business.

Therefore do the best possible time management, so that your time is well divided, tasks completed, and business is running. If you have not done time management, please follow the ways described above, do one or two of the four points.

However, recommended to these four points you can do it, so you really can divide the time as best as possible.


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