Simple Ways to Overcome Delays in Life

Simple Ways to Overcome Delays in Life

Procrastination or relaxation is a dream killer. Our goals, wishes, and dreams can come true once we can overcome the delays. Not just in work alone, even for you who are still students if the delay continues to be done then the dream will pass away.

And in this post, I will share 4 simple ways that we can do to overcome the delay or relax related in career and life.

1. Optimistic

As humans, we can not expect ourselves to be perfect all the time. There will be times when we slip and fall, and instead of letting one problem bring us down, we must forgive ourselves and continue.

Often we use language that makes ourselves feel insecure, and most of us are more likely to say things that are beyond what we think. While it is important to have high expectations for ourselves, it can also damage and result in delays.

Instead of saying “I’m so lazy …” try saying “I’m just a human being, and even the most successful people have bad days.”

Also instead of saying “I might not be successful …” try saying “I’ll give you the best shot, and in the worst case scenario, I’ll still be fine.”

2. Prepare the night before

Research has shown that humans have a limited number of wills, and delay usually comes from a lack of motivation.
Preparing for something that we will do the night before allows us to take action shortly after waking up. This is because planning can take up a large amount of energy that should be used to get important tasks done instead.

The preparation method will vary from person to person, but my personal favorite is to schedule my day using a digital calendar, like Google Calendar.

For others, it can create a daily list or just work on the most important task for today. Whatever your method, it is important that you have some level of structure for your day planning.

3. Say No More

What we say “No” in our lives will determine the quality of the work we do. We are unlikely to take every opportunity that comes to us, and it is important that we have the framework or arrangement to prioritize our daily decisions.
In this type, we use an arrangement called Eisenhower Matrix to make many decisions that we will do.
Here is the plan action for each arrangement:

● Very urgent and important: Do it immediately.

● No urgent and important: Decide when you will do it.

● Urgent and insignificant: Delegate to others.

● No urgent and insignificant: Do it later.

Using the “Eisenhower Matrix” arrangement everything works effectively.

4. Find One Thing

Most activities we do during a day, week, or month, have little impact on the outcome of the final day.

I am personally guilty of this, trying to fill my schedule with a “busy” job is not an important job. The result is that I ended up getting very little results to show on the last day.

Then I found “One Thing” introduced by author Gary Keller. In “One thing” is described as one activity or task that will make everything else easier or unnecessary.
For example, if you want to get in terms of the ideal body shape, you can go for a run every morning instead of trying every different diet system advertised on TV.

If you want to grow your business. You can increase prices and focus your efforts on 20% of clients bringing you to 80% of sales, instead of pleasing everyone.
If you want to learn a new language, you can find a professional teacher who can work with you instead of learning from books, Youtube videos, mobile apps, etc.

Well, that’s the simplest way to overcome the delay in order for something we plan to run like what we want. And you can take the essence of what we discuss to start everyday life towards a fulfilling career dream. No one who succeeds by relaxing, success will be achieved when we work hard and leave the delay.

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