Smile so you’re always happy

Who would have thought a smile could have various benefits. Of course you all cannot accept before experiencing it yourself. If we have experienced it, then we Will believe in the benefits of a smile.

In the increasingly sophisticated times, smile forms began to be developed through a media emoticon image that depicts various feelings of the human heart. There are emoticons with a smile, anger, annoyance, happiness and so on.

If you haven’t smiled today, let’s start learning to smile for ourselves and others. Giving a smile is worship. Although simple but useful to ourselves and others. show how happy we are today. Although there are many life problems that we face, try to keep smiling because that smile is a lot of have benefits that we don’t know. The benefits of a smile are:

Benefits of a smile

1. To always look young
Smiling is one way for us to always be happy. By always smiling will increase changes in cells in the body to work faster and replace old cells.

2. As a health medicine
No one thinks that smiling can make us healthy. Often smiling will increase the anti-body cells that are in the body to work faster and immobilize toxic substances in the body.

3. As a charm
Who would have thought that a simple-looking smile had a strong influence to attract anyone. A beautiful smile will make the mood of people who look happy. In general, people will feel more attracted to people who always smile. People who always smile actually have their own charm and also people who are always think positive.

4. As a stress reliever
You may believe it or not, a smile can reduce stress because of the burden of the mind that has accumulated for too long. When stress begins to attack, try to smile, so your stress will diminish and disappear on its own so that you will feel much better and ready to live a new life with a new, fresher atmosphere.

5. As a change of atmosphere
Have you ever experienced, when a friend or girlfriend is angry. If you have experienced, the first effective remedy is to give him a smile. Then the atmosphere will change as usual.

6. Smiles increase the body’s immune system
When we smile, the immune system in the body will work better. When the immune function increases, the person will feel more relaxed and avoid diseases such as dizziness and runny nose.

Whereas if we are not smiling it can be very dangerous for health. Humans are social creatures and cannot escape the activity mingling and communicating at all times. Smiles are needed as a way together the atmosphere while communicating with other people.

That smile has tremendous benefits for our lives. Try to smile sincerely, then you will get the benefit of the smile. But keep in mind also do not smile alone because later thought crazy people.

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