Take advantage of Loneliness Time to Make More Smart

Take advantage of Loneliness Time to Make More Smart

Time is a part of our lives that must be put to good use. If not then we will lose valuable time for an uncertain purpose. So everything that is well organized beforehand becomes messy or in other words neglected.


If you have this in mind, how much you love time alone and are proud that you carve out time for yourself on a regular basis, you are one of the many people who do it. One survey found 85% of adults believe that time is very important to them.

From the increasingly popular concept of mindfulness that encourages us to connect with ourselves, the importance of time itself becomes an important part of our lives. But do you really take advantage of this time to our advantage? Do we really spend this valuable time alone? Maybe among us there are still confused to do it.

Being physically alone in a room is a good thing, but if you do not take advantage of this time by breaking free from social media stimulation, you do not get the real benefit. Why .. How come?

In modern times there are many disorders of the digital world. Having your own time means you can do things that make you relax but this can mean you are jumping around without a sound on your phone or computer. Replying to Facebook messages, and browsing, this is a danger because you become less relaxed and satisfied with the benefits that time alone can make in your life.

Our idea of ​​time alone needs to be defined as distancing ourselves physically from the digital world. In fact, when we are without thinking being in social media or watching television, our brains are actually shifting to a country where it begins to crave social interaction with others. This is clearly against the reason why you need time alone in the first place.

For fear of losing the phenomenon experienced by all social media users all the time, it is felt that you feel anxious when you have not checked Facebook, Twitter or Smule so you lose and direct you to see what’s new in social media accounts You.

Whether we are aware or not are actually things that are not important or add value to our lives. But sometimes this is contrary to what we think, because social media can generate a sense of security that we always know what is going on, to be able to talk about the latest events with our friends. But this creates greater unrest in the long run.

Social media has the ability to great negative effects on us. It creates a sense of competitiveness and comparison that affects the mentality we have of ourselves. This eliminates the precious moments in which we can do more productive tasks that really lead to our personal growth and well-being.

Well, before you are thrown far into the depths of the digital world that is the current trend, it helps you have prepared a more strict information filtering again. In order for your life is not flooded with various information that comes in at any time through your Smartphone or Laptop.

Begin to manage time alone wisely because there is nothing more precious in this world but time itself. And when you are cut off by the time how much loss you already realize.


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