The benefits of Lemon for health and beauty

The benefits of Lemon for health and beauty

Lemon you will often see both in the market, in the garden or in your refrigerator. You certainly already know that lemon is generally green with a small size. Usually this one fruit is often used to add a sour taste to a dish. The benefits of lemon for beauty seems to have been widely known by the public. In fact, lemon is the most powerful fruit in overcoming health problems. Many experts who have often conducted various studies on this one fruit.


Usually when going to cook fish, lemon is also sometimes very necessary as one of the ingredients to reduce the fishy smell in the fish to be cooked. And mothers must use this lemon as an antidote.

Sometimes we also often see the sellers of jamu carrying lemon as a material to neutralize the taste of herbs that are too bitter. Therefore it takes lemon water given a little honey and sugar as a friend to drink traditional herbs. Do you also often drink herbs?

Here are the benefits of lemon for beauty

1. Tighten the pores

Lemon oil has a useful astringent properties to tighten the skin pores. So it will help reduce oil production and make skin look brighter. That may be one reason why nowadays many beauty products that utilize lemon fruit.

2. Reduce acne

Who is not annoyed to see acne perched on our faces. Acne is a common problem most commonly encountered. Acne will be more apt to occur in people who have oily skin. In addition, bacteria in the pores will also contribute to aggravate the inflammation, increase flushing, and cause pain. Lemon can be used to inhibit the growth of bacteria that trigger acne. For oily skin should be more careful skin care, especially the face.

3. Reduce premature aging

Skin ageless, who would not. You must crave it is not it? UV rays of the sun is one factor that can trigger premature aging. To prevent this, you can use lemon by peeling and then rub on the skin. Do 1 week 2x for maximum results.

4. Cleaning dead skin cells

Many ways are more efficient and we should try in an easier way. Currently there are many beauty treatments that use lemon to improve the health and appearance of facial skin. This is still done because lemon skin has a good citric acid content to lift dead skin cells that make the skin look dull. If you do with telita then there will be results.

5. Makes skin more radiant

Skin brighter and shine, who does not want to? To make your skin more luminous actually not always have to cost a fortune. Even with lemon you can also get it. Way, prepare a glass of warm water then mixed with honey and lemon juice and then apply on the skin. Perform these treatments every morning on a regular basis. If done in earnest then you will get the results.

Efficacy of Lemon For Health

1. Boost immunity

You must already know, if vitamin C is very good for the body. Vitamin C contained in lemon is very high and it is very useful to increase endurance. So with a good body endurance will your body will not be easy to get a disease. Consume at least 1x a week.

2. Lose weight

Do you regularly drink a glass of warm lemon juice in the morning? If so, then you have started your day with something good. Why? Because a glass of warm lemon water contains enough fiber with extraordinary vitamin C to help you lose weight and keep your body healthy. Lemon water can also get rid of fat that attaches to the inner skin of the body.

3. Smooth digestive system

You are not fluent in disposing water? Try using lemon. Inside the lemon fruit contain flavonoid that is useful to increase the production of acids, digestive juices, and bile. That way, the digestive system in the body will work optimally and smoothly.

4. Natural cleanser

Want to clean the stomach part of stubborn fat, try using lemon. Detox body is needed to remove toxins from the body. In addition to drinking water, lime is also nutritious to help detoxify and remove all harmful toxins from the body. Body toxins are usually out through urine and sweat.

5. Overcoming constipation

Drinking a glass of lemon juice is beneficial to help you lose weight. Relieves breathing and makes comfortable body condition. Lemon water is also good to help overcome constipation problems. Drinking warm lemon water will help stimulate and regulate your bowel movements so that it will cure the pain of constipation.

Those are some of the benefits of lemon for the health and beauty of your body. May be useful.


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