What Does It Take to Be Successful When Working From Home?

What Does It Take to Be Successful When Working From Home?

Working from home is a very interesting thing. Because we can keep costs and work schedules flexible. Not only that, by working at home we can work while gathering with family.

But working at home can also be difficult when in an unfavorable home environment. For example in a noisy environment, so that the work activities are less than the maximum. But it can be handled easily if we can really have an interest in working at home with good results. Here’s what we have to do in order for our work to get maximum results.

1. Focus

Working from home requires focus and the ability to ignore external and internal disturbances. Noise in the neighborhood is one example. For that, we should be able to work around it so we can focus and work optimally.

Also, do not answer a personal phone call if you just offend callers with a short conversation. This is so that they do not feel offended. Alternatively, you can turn off your phone network, so that no interference comes from your phone.

Decide also the time to work so you can discipline and focus. Creating a work schedule is one way to improve work focus. During the work schedule, do not do any other activities.

In order to work can be more focused and improve concentration. You can use Pomodoro technique, this is a time division technique. This technique, first developed by Francesco Cirillo around 1980’s.

After the work is done or the work schedule is completed. You can do other activities, such as watching television, or shopping. Thus you can focus while working and will get maximum results.

2. Discipline

Discipline is a requirement of telecommuting. Sitting in front of a computer will not make your work complete if you are distracted by checking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. For that, you should finish your work. After the job is done, you can check your social media account.

You can also resolve this problem by making settings on the computer. Create a personal computer tab to work on your computer. To prevent incoming notifications from social media accounts that will interrupt you while you’re at work.

3. Organization

Organizational skills help to facilitate successful home work. You are responsible for inventory stock and ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job. You should also be able to distinguish between personal activities and work tasks.

4. Workspace

A designated workspace may be needed, depending on the nature of the business you are running. If you’re a writer, a special space is not necessary, which is important where you work can minimize distractions so you can focus. However, if your business involves products that you make and sell, like crafts. You need to have a special room for organizing and storing supplies and equipment, and space for work.

5. Ability to solve problems

When working at home, you need the ability to break up a problem that disturbs your work. If the damage happens to the work equipment, you should be able to make early repairs. For that, you should always check the performance of the equipment used. This is done as a precaution so there is no disruption while working.

6. Temperament introvert

Having an introverted temperament makes working from home easier. If you are a social and growing person in face-to-face interaction, a proactive approach is needed to fill this need. Take a break then go to a coffee shop around the house. This is very good, so you do not feel saturation working at home.

7. Personal limit

Creating boundaries with other family members is critical to the success of work at home. If a family member invites you to chat about something that is not important. You can put it off to work first. Explain that you have to finish your work.

Working at home, you have time freedoom. Where you organize your work schedule, so you have time freedom. You are also not bound by the time and rules of any party. You can work with flexible time settings.

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