What to do? When Friends Declare Love

Love,┬áspeak love will not be endless to be discussed. Yes, that’s the word love, sometimes going to make us cry, happy, forget to eat, sometimes even able to smile himself. But, it all depends on the individual how to react.

So how, if people already we regard as friends and companions suddenly express love, while we have no love for him. He expressed his, not as a friend but as a figure who wanted to fight for her love. This will make us shocked, right?

He did well, understanding and attention to ourselves. But unfortunately, we still regard it as a normal friend. Inevitably we must reject his love, but do not have the heart to hurt him. If you have this what should we do? We have to do a special strategy so that he was not upset with us.

Telling the truth and not a trick; When it comes to heart and feeling, everything could be so completely fragile and sensitive. When she expressed love, we should be honest with our own hearts. Telling the truth from the beginning will make things easier. He can be sad for our refusal. He could also be hurt or disappointed that unrequited feelings. But if we can say it well at the right time, he would understand. What is clear lest we playing with heart and feelings. Because if it happens to us, it will feel pain as he felt.

Further it may be difficult to be the same again; Awkward and weird it feels when someone that we think of as a good friend suddenly wanting more. Communications and interactions with him might feel different. Difficult indeed to go back like it used to be, but we still have to try. And try to be more sensitive to the attitude. Does he began to keep a distance? Or he is also more likely to ignore us after we resist his love? What we must do is to be patient and understanding. Fixed so friends can always be there when he needs us.

Traveling with more friends; Take our friend and his friend to walk with. Melt the atmosphere by creating a sense of friendship as before. Laughing together and spend time doing things that are better with friends the same way again. Reject or accept someone’s love our rights. But try to keep the relationship remains good. Do not get disconnected friendship already established over the years.

Companions remained friends, do not let love be rejected because no revenge and break up a friendship. Actually, if the friend is no sense of love is not strange, because sometimes laughter every meeting or chat on social media, finally sprang love. And many friends boyfriend, friend even be life companion. For example not far where, the next door neighbor. Hehehe.

The point of love can not be forced and can not be denied, for it if our love is rejected, let’s just say it was not a match and believe that the Lord will give you better. And instead we should cherish and maintain feelings if we reject the love of someone.

Well, if you guys there who have the same love story with what I write this, hopefully can direnungi to re-establish friendships.

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