When to Give Choices and When to Be Wise To Children

When to give choices and when to be wise to children?

As parents, of course, we are required to educate children and give choices to children, but we must also be wise to give a choice. So that our child can become a child who understands to his parents.


The importance of understanding and giving choices to children should also not be taken lightly. Because we don’t want it? If your child is too strict to understand the rules of his parents that cause a less harmonious relationship between children and parents.

In addition, parents are required to more wisely understand every difficulty the child while doing any activities. Whether it’s playing, studying or watching television. We as parents should always guide and guide him to become a human who really mature and useful for himself, family, and the surrounding environment.

Especially women who almost 90% every time always meet the child is required to give more attention to the child. This is where the importance of a partnership between Father and Mother in sharing the task of giving attention and affection.

Not only the attention of the mother alone, the child also needs the attention and affection of a father. Therefore, when the time of day off like Sundays and national holidays, try the father can give more attention to the family, in order to always awake harmony of the family that has been built.

And here’s a good time to give the child a choice to establish a harmonious relationship.

1. When Asked Something

You must already know that the child must always ask this and that. And at this time is the right time for you to explain by giving it a choice. A simple example of “why we have to eat do?” Well at this time the mother must give an explanation to the child. And there are many other questions.

2. When Asking Something

At the time the child asks for something sometimes there are parents who respond directly with various conditions. As directly angry, is indifferent or pretend not heard and some are directly say “yes” every wish the child. Though you should be able to give it the option to the wiser again.

The role of parents is very important to provide various options so that the child can easily respond to what the parents really want. And of course the child can learn continuously become more mature, understand and understand every difficulty he faces.

Well, that’s a little review that might help you to give something that is best for the child. And congratulations on understanding your child, give attention and affection to keep growing as you had hoped for.


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